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Adult Freeride Hardboot Inline Skates MF500

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A photo of the Adult Freeride Hardboot Inline Skates MF500 in use

Adult Freeride Hardboot Inline Skates MF500 : The go-to versatile skates designed for freeride and freestyle sessions.

With their support, comfort and handling, these free skates are at home on any terrain.(brakes provided but not mounted)

Fitting comfort

Thick foam liner with nylon and lycra interior.

Glide quality

80mm (or 76 mm) freeride wheels 86A, ABEC7 bearings.Extruded aluminium plate.


Rigid structure and triple fastening system (2 micrometric buckles & laces).

Ease of handling

243 mm extruded aluminium frame with 80 mm wheels or 231 mm with 76 mm wheels

Abrasion resistance

Reinforcements: removable protections on the side of the foot.

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Adult Freeride Hardboot Inline Skates MF500
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Great skates, terribly long delivery

Great skates can’t fault them. Bought a 7uk for a 7uk and they fit perfectly. A bit of room so not so tight but not enough they’re sloppy. Look great too. Only issue is when I ordered these online, it took them 2 WEEKS to post them even though they were ‘in stock’. No mention it’d take so long to receive them until I’d already paid therefore I was stuck. Furthermore they post via Royal Mail and don’t let you know the tracking number prior therefore these were delivered when I was on holiday (what I originally wanted the skates for!) and I couldn’t redirect until they’d already tried to deliver. Added an extra week onto delivery as Royal Mail lost my package for a time! Unsatisfied and won’t order another product from Decathlon even if their products are good.

Great product

Great purchase thanks

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Good firm skates

After skating with these skates for two months i really like them but they caused me pain i stopped skating nothing against the skates i just wouldn't recommend for wide footed people i upgraded to rollerblade rb cruisers which have a better fit for wide feet but double the price of theese

Great pair of skates - had to size down

Size guide advised me to order a 5.5. Way too big, ended up going to the shop and getting a side 4. Im a size UK 5 (female), would recommend sizing down. They feel very tight at first, toes touch the tip of the lining. I recommend taking the lining out and stretching it with your hands and wearing them as slippers around the house for a few days. After that they will still fit very snug but much nicer and rideable. My feet are average/a little wide fyi. In the right size the skates are a brilliant starter pair, highly recommend, great quality.

Excellent Value for Money !

After having watched quite a few real-world reviews (especially Rich Hayter Skater on YT) I settled on the Oxelo MF500 from Decathlon. I am a size 9 1/2 (UK) so opted for a 44. I have had no issues with the liner rubbing so far (approx 4 weeks use) and I skate 3-4 times a week foe between 90-120 mins per session, with a few breaks in between. I did have to replace the 45º ladder straps on both boots, but I could have been trying to overtighten them, either-way, straps are readily available on the WWW. I hope that Decathlon continue to support skating with these and the MF900 (same boot, bigger wheels & frame) as they really are an excellent skate. In fact, I have seen what looks like the exact same boot under other 'names' for as much as 170/240 ! SO pleased with them, I've just bought another pair so that I could put a 110mm wheel frame on them (sadly, the Oxelo MF900 were out-of-stock in my size, or I would have boought them). Proof indeed that you really don't need to spend a fortune to get a very decent quality pair of hardboots with replaceable frames (the Oxelo MF500 use the standard 165mm mount) Well done Decathlon ! :D....and thanks to Rich Hayter Skater on YT for both his in-depth reviews :D


Good product. Good price. Good service. Excellent:)

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Great for getting back

Fit for purpose. Comfortable and secure. Closest to ski boots. Easy to mount brakes(done by service department in Decathlon). So far so good trying to get back to roller blading

Fab look and Great Skates

they are true size, even tho they might feel a bit tight at the beginning stick to them. The inner of the boot will loosen up after a couple of runs. I made a mistake to get a bigger size and after using it for a couple of weeks they loosen up too much so I have to sell them to a friend. Im waiting for them hey come back in stock to get my size.

Great buy

I am just getting back into skating and these have been the best pair I have ever had. Super comfortable and really good for someone just starting again.

Very pleased, go for 0.5 size bigger

Really pleased with these. Got trouble getting my size available but eventually I got them as they being sold out very quickly. My size is 7/7.5 UK depending on the company. I went for size 7 at first as read that skates should fit snuggly. My bad... had to return them and go for size 8. Was worried that my feet arch will hurt as in my previous skates, but not in this case. Good fit for the feet and ankles. Running very smooth and fast with the ABEC7. Hope will grow my skills fast with them. Absolute bargain for the price. You can replace the frame in time. Highly recommended.

High Quality at an affordable price

A good, durable boot. Good for aggressive and freestyle skating. I'm a UK 11 size shoe/trainer usually, and the on-site sizing guide recommended that I get these in a 10.5, even considering my wide-ass gorilla feet. I ended up going with my gut and getting the size 11 boot, and they're very snug. I don't think a 10.5 would've fit me. I've been skating daily for a while on these, I've done many parallel and power-slides and they've been holding up well. I even exceed the recommended maximum weight limit of 100kg by 10kg and they've been fine. I'd say that they're even a good boot for beginners or those getting back into inline skating, though with the 80mm wheels, they might feel a bit slippery at the start.

Great skates shipped with worthless brake

High quality skates - sturdy, stylish and comfortable, with really smooth bearings that make it easy to get good speed up. I came back to skating during lockdown after 10+ years, and these have eased me back in nicely! The main reason it doesn't get a 5* review is that they ship with an utterly useless brake. I live in a hilly area and after 2 30-45 minute skates the brake had totally worn away. The replacements are cheap (£5ish) and easy to fit, and wear normally - so why they don't just ship with this version of the brake, I have no idea. Now that I've fitted the replacement brake, they're spot-on.

Simply great

This is my second pair of inline skates from Decathlon. I can tell that this model is really amazing as it is fast and stable, the frame is short enough allowing us to do tricks more easily, the parts are exchangeable, and has become very comfortable for my feet after 4-5 times skating on them. Other than that I got some heavy rain while skating last time and the boots got badly soaked. Back home it was very easy to get them removed for wash and they got perfectly clean in no time. Drying was so easy and convenient too. My only small complaint is in relation to the original abec7 bearings that come with it, which are still new, but are already making some squeaking noises.

Quality is comparable to "big name" skating brands

When it comes to the price for what you buy, Decathlon takes the prize for this one. Although, they slightly raised the price, I still went with the MF500's. After some research, I found that this model is directly comparable to models that cost double, if not even triple, the money with other brands. One drawback for me was the insole which is pretty basic and replaced it with an aftermarket gel sports insole (about £8-£10) and later replaced the bearings as well, but this is what makes them great: you begin with a great "base" skate, see if inline skating is for you and upgrade it as you go to fit your needs. They feel a little heavy at the start but my feet got used to the weight. Overall, this is a great first skate and would recommend everyone to start with this if they are unsure if they want to start skating as they get some good quality that will have a positive feedback on their decision whether to take up the sport or not.

A very capable, great value skate!

As a skater with several sets of branded skates already, I wanted to see what a £70 set of skates were like. Skates can be expensive and this can put people off from the start, I wanted to see if there was a quality skate that could give that amazing skating feeling at a price that wasn't going to break the bank; this is what Oxelo have done with the MF500. The skate feels solid and stable, the liner is comfortable, the cuff provides adequate support and, with two buckles and laces, my foot feels firmly planted in the boot. I did feel some pressure points on the inside of both ankles after the first few sessions, but these subsided quickly with continued use. Though not heavy, these do feel marginally heavier than my other skates, but this is not something a new skater would be aware of. The 86a wheels roll very well, allowing for speed, traction, and stopping power. There is a brake in the box but this is not something I use. The Abec 7 bearings are fine; they roll smoothly enough and can be changed when needed. The frames can be adjusted both front/back and laterally to suit a variety of skating styles. The only major issue I have with these is the two-piece wheels axle bolts. Sadly, the frames are not threaded, meaning the wheel axles come in two parts and require two hex keys for removal. These are provided but this makes wheel rotation a real chore. These hex keys are also used to adjust the frames; however, the keys provided are very short and it would be much easier to use a longer key. The only other issue I've encountered is a rubbing at the base of my left calf; though it's worth noting that I've only been using these for a month and this is something that's likely to subside once they bed in more. Who are these skates for? Personally, I'd say beginners, or intermediates on a budget. It's important to provide beginners with the best skating experience in order that they continue to enjoy the unique feel that skating can provide; these skates definitely do that. For the intermediate skater on a budget looking to push their skills and don a set of quality skates, I'd say: add these to the shortlist. I've had immense fun bombing around on these, and they've given skates three times the price a good run for their money. It may not be published here, but videos tell a story better than words on a page. For anyone interested in seeing these great skates in action you can check out Rich Hayter Skater on YT. To Oxelo, I would say: please change the two-piece wheel axle bolts. Enjoy!

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyethylene


  • 50% Polycarbonate
  • 50% Polyurethane


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyethylene


  • 85% Aluminium
  • 5% Polyamide 6.6
  • 10% Acetate

Upper of

  • 10% Polyurethane
  • 90% Polyester Resin

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester


  • 50% Polyamide 6.6
  • 50% Polyurethane


  • 100% Steel


  • 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

What support do these freeride skates have?

The cuff (the plastic part on top, also known as a "spoiler") has been developed with one aim in mind: offering optimal foot support. To do so, it is moulded with a mixed composite with 15% fibreglass.And for (even more) support, the skates have 2 micrometric buckles and laces.

What is the impact protection?

Built-in shell and plastic pads on the forefoot protect the skate while sliding or in the event of a fall.

Are these skates versatile, or can they only be used for freeride?

The go-to versatile skates with excellent glide quality (ABEC7 and 80mm or 76mm wheels for sizes 3½ to 5) and great handling (short, durable plate that withstands jumps and slides).Two different wheel sizes based on shoe size: 4 to 5.5: 76 mm / 6.5 to 12: 80 mm to guarantee that each one is very manoeuvrable.The plate can be slightly moved to the left or the right to suit your needs.

What braking system do these freeride skates use?

The full brake, pad & brake mount can be fitted to the left or right foot (supplied unmounted).The brake mount is available from your Decathlon store Workshop.The brake pad is available in the roller skating department (depending on the store) or online.

What is extruded aluminium?

Extrusion is a thermomechanical manufacturing process in which a compressed material is forced through a die (tool that shapes it into a fixed profile).Since it has not been folded or cut, the extruded part (for this skate, the plate) is therefore more solid and shaped more precisely.

How can you maintain/repair your skates?

You can replace parts or repair your skates using the after-sales parts available in store, online and at your local Decathlon store's workshop.

How can you make your skates last longer?

To extend the lifespan of your skates after skating through water, dust or sand, take the wheels off, dry them and degrease the bearings with a dry cloth.Find our advice and tutorials on our YouTube channel:

How can you make the wheels last longer?

It's normal to switch your wheels around because they don't wear out evenly. The reason? We often skate with our feet sloping slightly inwards when we push off and turn.If you want to stop them wearing out, switch your wheels around (in pairs).

What is the maximum weight for these oxelo mf 500 skates?

These adult skates meet the EN 13843 class A standard (adult inline skate standard). This standard applies to "Roller sports equipment - inline skates" designed for a person weighing between 20kg and 100kg. This European standard defines the safety requirements and the specifications for the test methods, markings, and information provided by the manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury.

How much do the oxelo mf 500 skates weigh?

3.15 kg per pair in size 8½.

How are our products tested?

All of our skates have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear.As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.

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