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Skateboard Complete 100 Galaxy

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Product Features

A photo of the Skateboard Complete 100 Galaxy in use

Skateboard Complete 100 Galaxy : This easy-to-handle maple skateboard, designed by our team of skaters, is perfect for learning and improving your street or half-pipe skateboarding.

The COMPLETE100 skateboard is made from 100% Canadian maple (sturdiness + pop). Perfect for those wanting to learn street or half-pipe skateboarding with an easy-to-handle deck.


100% Canadian maple, 7-ply deck for excellent pop.


8" x 31.6" deck. Medium concave for good handling.

Glide performance

Skateboard designed for different surfaces (wood/concrete skatepark, roads, etc)

Ease of handling

Aluminium truck, 92A bushings. 52mm High Rebound PU wheels, 99A.

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730 reviews

Skateboard Complete 100 Galaxy
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Great beginner skateboard

Daughter is enjoying learning to skateboard on this.

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Skateboard complete 100- parrot oxelo

Bought this skateboard for my 13 year old daughter. She loves it. It’s great for a first timer and good quality. Happy around

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There are two version of this product?

I have buy this skate in Croatia, Zagreb. And it looks like there is little difference between products. In version that is selling in Croatia there is no mention of Bullet trucks. On declaration ticket that I see on youtube videos it is clear that bullet trucs are used. But on this that i have buy it looks like some generic trucks. What the f*. what is going on. For this kind of practice I give one star less. Wheels need to bi little loosen and put some lubricant. Bearing are closed type. So they are self lubricating looks like not great quality but they work for now. Still i think that this is solid board for price.

best ever!

Great quality!!

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Perfect complete

I’ve bought this skate about 2 years ago and it is still alive and in absolutely perfect quality! But I have 1 question to the brand. Where is the nose and tail? Because I checked some pictures and it seems to me that I’ve been skating 2 years while my tail was in the nose’s place. Help! P.S. Sorry for my english.

Very Good.

11 year old nephew loved his birthday present. Quick delivery, good price. Excellent build quality and a two year warranty.

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Amazing board

If this is your first board or u had another kind of board (penny)(longboard) then this is the best u might find something better but this thing is amazing so if u are thinking of getting it just do it remember clean it after u play and use lube for the bearings every wile if it rusted use wd/40 chemical it will help

Oxelo skateboard

Within 2 weeks of purchase and only a couple of rides 2 wheels got stuck and are not spinning freely, only with the force applied. The board isn't rolling downhill as a result.

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Hello Ilya,

Thank you for your feedback.

In this instance, if you are on the board and it's not rolling down hill as you push there could be a few adjustments required. Sometimes brand new boards need a slight loosening of the axle nut. You should have a tiny amount of play side to side with the wheel. If this is not the case then a slight adjustment could be required. Ilya, If you can bring your board back to your closest Decathlon store, the staff will be more than happy to help get those wheels spinning freely again.





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Hello Kwong Leung,

Thank you for supporting our products. We are happy to hear that you have a pleasant product experience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you can continue to have fun with our products.

Thank you again for your support. 

Stay healthy. 


Terrin Ng

Decathlon Hong Kong Cycling Team


Good skateboard

I brought it for my 8years old son, he loves it and can’t stop playing it!

Day 1

26yo picking up skateboard for the first time. Wish me luck :')

Worth buying

Worth buying

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Excellent product

It's very good skate board.. Used it on tar and cement road.. The performance depends on the surface.. If you are looking for some speed boards then the wheels have to be changed to wider profile ones the feasibility needs to be assessed though.

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The Best Oxelo Board Of All Time

You may find 1000 reviews about it, but untill and unless you own one you won't be able to know it's capacity.


It has a perfect concave shape which is very nice to perform tricks....the shape provides you better pop...and the wheels are also very goof these are hard wheels...if your budget is around 5k you should blindly head to this product

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Wood

Skate trucks

  • 100% Aluminium

Skate wheels

  • 100% Polyurethane


  • 100% Iron

Complete 100 skateboard deck?

Dimensions: 8 x 31.6, medium concave, wide and sloped nose (front) and tail (back) for doing tricks.The 100% Canadian maple is highly resistant and lasts well. Canadian maple is the best suited to the design of a skateboard: hard, dense and lightweight.

Wheels & bearings

100% polyurethane, 52 mm, 99A hardness wheels. These wheels are comfortable to ride both in the skatepark and in the street. Fairly hard for doing powerslides, yet soft enough to not feel the vibrations caused by bumpy ground.The COMPLETE 100 is equipped with ABEC 7 bearings. The bearings need to wear in; they will be best after a few sessions.This board is designed for beginners and will pick up less speed than the COMPLETE 500.

Trucks (to mount the wheels)

Aluminium trucks with polyurethane bushings (88A hardness). These trucks are perfect for doing your first grinds.If you like doing lots of grinds, I recommend the FURY EVO 2 trucks. These are the trucks mounted on the COMPLETE 500. They are more suited to intensive use and give you a better grind.

How much does the team 100 weigh?

2,3 kg.

How are our products tested?

Before launching a product, we put it through a series of lab tests to check its quality and sturdiness. Our Decathlon ambassadors then carry out real-life use tests to check that it meets their needs. Our ambassadors really put our products through their paces to make sure they are suitable for whatever you throw at them. This close collaboration with our ambassadors during the development process is a real sign of quality.

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