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16x1.7-2.2 Bike Inner Tube - Schrader

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A photo of the 16x1.7-2.2 Bike Inner Tube - Schrader in use

16x1.7-2.2 Bike Inner Tube - Schrader : This inner tube is suitable for 16" diameter tyres with 1.70 to 2.20 section with a 33mm Schrader valve.

16" Schrader inner tube (large valve) for 16-inch tyres.


16" x 1.70 to 2.20 tyresETRTO 44/57 - 305


Optimised composition to ensure your inner tube has a good seal.

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16x1.7-2.2 Bike Inner Tube - Schrader
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16” x 1.70 - 2.20 Inner Tube arrives with 2 holes!

I fitted and attempted to inflate the inner tube it did not hold pressure. I discovered a tiny pin prick puncture which I decided to repair. Re - inflating the tube I discovered a second tiny pin prick puncture another repair!!! Why did I repair a new Inner Tube? Impatience! I wanted the job done. Disappointing to say the least after I repaired the first puncture I took some photos these can be forwarded if required. Cost of the Inner Tube was only £2.99 But it should still hold air.!

Btwin inner tube with shader valve

Excellent product quality. Why pay more?

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Helpful and friendly staff

My kid has a flat tyre and good thing we were not too far from the decathlon. The staffs were busy but they offer to take our bike in and call us once it’s all checked and fixed. Not too long later, we received a call from them, paid for the parts (labour is free) and we are back on the bike lane before we know it. Very friendly and helpful service. Highly recommended.

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Hello 俊堯 ,

Thank you for supporting our products. We are happy to hear that you have a pleasant product experience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you can continue to have fun with our products.

Thank you again for your support. 

Stay healthy. 


Terrin Ng

Decathlon Hong Kong Cycling Team



The inner tube was easy to fit to the rim. The dimensions for the valve into the rim was perfect. It held up to good pressure for a long time. It has been 7 months and the wheel pressure is still good. We ended up buying 2 more as spares to keep. Great value indeed for the price.

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Hi Chan,

Thank you for taking the time to review our products. We are pleased to hear that this inner tube meets your expectations!

We look forward to more of your reviews and sharing! Plus, the new Decathlon app has been launched and you can now purchase all your favourite sports goods with just a few clicks on your smartphone! Yes, it's now available both in the App store and Google Play Store! Download now and happy shopping!

Thank you for your support and stay safe! :)

Sport on safely!


CSM Digital Leader

Very poor quality

Pops in no time. Struggling to hold air before

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Hi Jan,

Sorry to hear that about your experience with the product.

Please bring it back to us to check what is the issue and we will exchange it for you it is due to defects with the product.



Alles okay Seher good,,,:-):-):-):-):,-):,-):,-)

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Fahrrad Schlauch

Völlig in Ordnung für den Preis

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Top für den Preis

Top für den Preis

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fahrad zubehör

sehr gut

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funktioniert wie er soll

Der Schlauch tut seinen Dienst in meinem Kinder-Fahrrad-Anhänger. Ließ sich handhaben wie erwartet. Nur eines wäre Verbesserungswürdig: die Anleitung auf der Packung (nur Bilder, ohne Worte) war mir lange ein Rätsel... hilfreich war sie nicht, glücklicherweise krieg ich einen Schlauch auch ohne Beschreibung eingebaut.

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schnell ausgetauscht

Gute Beratung, gunstiges Produkt. Schneller Austausch zu Hause. Bis jetzt alles bestens. Fahrrad wieder einsatzbereit! :-)

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Gran compra

La compramos porque se pincho la rueda de la bici del peque y es la que nos recomendó el chico del taller

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Muy buena

Sin problemas,sustituye a la cámara que hayas pinchado o roto

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Anti pinchazo

Estaría bien que hubiera cámaras anti pinchazos, llevamos 3 cámaras en dos meses, la última nos ha durado 4 días

Hola Raquel!

Sentimos muchos los problemas ocasionado con los pinchazos.

Para cámaras de 16`` no tenemos el producto con el sistema antipinchazos; pero tenemos el siguiente artículo con código 8242720 el cual podrá utilizarlo con el mismo efecto.

Acérquese a alguna de nuestras tiendas DECATHLON para que un vendedor técnico pueda asesorarle y de esta manera darle una solución.

Gracias por confiar en nuestros productos, esperamos que vuelva a disfrutar de él con toda normalidad

Estamos a disposición para cualquier otra consulta .   


Manuel. Monitor País de Ciclismo


Simplemente cumple con su cometido.

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Additional Product informations


Main part

  • 90% Rubber - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber - Butyl
  • 10% Brass

How to choose an inner tube

Check all the information indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (diameter and width). For example, 16 x 2.20 means your tyre is 16 inches in diameter and 2.20 inches wide.On the tyre sidewall you will also find the dimensions in mm in ETRTO international units. For example, 50-305 means a tyre that is 50mm wide and has an inner diameter of 305mm (approx. 16 x 2.00).

Removing an inner tube

Remove the old inner tube using B'Twin tyre levers

Checks to carry out before installing an inner tube

Check the condition of your tyre and replace it if necessary.Make sure no objects are lodged in the tyre.Check the condition of your tyre rim strip.A rim strip that is even slightly bent can cause punctures.Check that your rim does not have any other issues that could damage your inner tube.

Mounting the inner tube

Watch our video before you start.Pre-inflate the inner tube slightly to avoid pinching.Insert the valve, making sure you are using the correct valve for your rim.Put the inner tube entirely inside the tyre so that it fits inside the rim.Take care not to pinch the inner tube when fitting.

Mounting the tyre

Start mounting the tyre at the valve.Finish mounting the tyre opposite the valve to avoid pinching the inner tube.Never mount your tyre with a tool or a tyre lever, as you risk pinching and puncturing the inner tube.

Inflating the tyre

Inflate your tyre carefully, to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer (visible on the tyre sidewall in PSI or bars, 1 bar = 14.51 PSI).Regularly check that your tyre is in the correct position as you inflate it.

Tip from the pros

To avoid punctures from pinching and for best tyre performance, we recommend that you check your tyres and inflate them to the suggested pressure before every ride.


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