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4 weighted aquatic rings multi colours

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Product Features

A photo of the 4 weighted aquatic rings multi colours in use

4 weighted aquatic rings multi colours : Designed for children at ease in water who are discovering the pleasure of going underwater.

The child throws the rings which sink to the bottom of the pool; they must then fetch the rings, learning to hold their breath.To be used under adult supervision.

Ease of learning

The 4 rings sink and stay vertical at the bottom of the pool

Ease of handling

The small diameter of the rings allows children to catch them easily.

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1470 reviews

4 weighted aquatic rings multi colours
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Great in the pool

My children love these!

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Amazing quality toy great fun had by all ages

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Weighted Rings

My 8 year old loves them

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
These 4 weighted tings are great for the kids

This is the 2nd set purchased for the kids as the other set is kept st the holiday home. They encourage interaction between children and are great for friends to use and play with together .

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Excellent easy to see and grab

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
4 weight rings

step daughter loved them in the pool all day most days on holiday

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Good for the kids

My 2 year old loves diving for these (with our help). Nice bag to carry them in which you can fit a few other water toys in.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Pool rings

Lots of pool time fun.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Hi Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the 4 Weighted Aquatic Rings! I am glad that this product has been working well for you and that you love it.

At Decathlon, our mission is to make sports accessible for the many. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are made to satisfy our users.

Personally in Decathlon, I feel that we offer a very affordable price point and reasonable quality that makes our products value for money! Please continue to have lots of fun with your loved one while using our products okay!

Feel free to write a review on other Decathlon products and I hope to see you in our store soon!

Meanwhile, please stay safe & stay healthy alright! (:

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

Firman :)

Omnichannel Sports Advisor (TRG)

Sustainable + Affordable

Colourful, vibrant and great for kids to practice sports.

Hi John!!!

Glad that you liked our weighted rings and enjoy our product with the kids! Do note that it also helps kids to conquer their fear of going under water and help them to learn how to dive while having fun. Do come down and explore the many ways of learning how to swim while enjoying with the kids!!! 

Thanks for the great review and hope you have and amazing experience with us at Decathlon!

Your Friendly NABAIJI Sports Leader
Mohd Syafiq Bin Abdullah
Good quality

Resistent for children playing under the water

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Hi there Yori!

Thank you for your feedback for the 4 Weighted Aquatic Rings!

I hope your child likes them! The rings comes in varying weights to give the young swimmers some 'challenge' when picking it up underwater. Do you know, the rings can be used to train your child's swimming confidence by swimming deeper and test how long they can hold their breath underwater? This can improve their endurance and build a strong foundation in learning swimming at a young age.

Feel free to drop by at any of our store as we have wide range of Aqua-learning and Discovering Water materials to aid your child in gaining confidence underwater and have fun at the same time!

See you soon Yori!

Swimming Sports Advisor | Decathlon | Nabaiji | Joo Koon
Good product

As described, kids learn how to dive under water with it. Buying another set.

Hi Ann,

Great to hear that you the the product. Next time you drop by our store you might want to take a look at our Aquaway Course that create a semi circle shape course that your kids can try for future swim sessions!!! Hope to see you soon!!! 

Your Friendly NABAIJI Sports Leader
Mohd Syafiq Bin Abdullah
Dive Rings

Material is HARD/RIGID plastic...still posed some danger when landed accidentally on people's HEAD or on HARD Ground that may crack the Ring. Still Prefer the Soft-Flexible Plastic Material over this. I am a Swim Coach for 20yrs. Regretted,I recently lose my Dive Rings,tht Soft-Flexible Plastic. Wished,Decathlon will help to bring it such Dive Ring soon.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for submitting your review. We sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience.

This product is designed for children at ease in water who are discovering the pleasure of going underwater. The child throws the rings which sink to the bottom of the pool, they must then fetch the rings, learning to hold their breath. It is to be used under adult supervision.

Your feedback matters as it allows us to further understand how you use our products and services and how we can better improve to serve you better. Do contact us via live chat on our website, ring us at +65 3110 0100 or drop us an email at to let us know if we can further assist you in any way.

Keep it Rolling

Nurul Muhaini

Inline Skate Sports Leader

Decathlon Singapore

"Keeping Fit Through Sports - and Decathlon!"


เป็นของเล่นดำน้ำหลานชอบครับ อยู่ใต้น้ำมันจะตั้งขึ้นมา

За потапяне под вода.

Използвам ги в занимателна игра за гмуркане.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Plní svůj účel, ovšem při prvním použití se zkroutily a nejsou již ploché. Super sáček na uskladnění/sušení.

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Additional Product informations


Main part

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free

Inside room

  • 100% Sand


  • 100% Polyester

Learning to swim encourages the psychomotor development of young children.

Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater.The weighted rings are part of the "Discovering underwater" experience: The child discovers the experience of going underwater and will gradually progress in learning by attaining a goal.At his pace and according to his progress, the child will recover the items. A fun way to experience diving and go beyond one's limits.


the rings measure 19 cm in diameter (7 1/2")

Product weight

About 430 g

Recommendations for use

To avoid premature discolouration, do not leave your weighted rings in direct sunlight.

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