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900 Floor Pump

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A photo of the 900 Floor Pump in use

900 Floor Pump : We've designed this pump for inflating road bike tyres to a high pressure. Also suitable for hybrid, city, kids' and mountain bike tyres.

Are you looking for a high-performance, durable pump? With its universal head, its aluminium body and its pressure gauge, the 900 floor pump gives you a great ride.


Inflate up to 10 bar / 145 PSI. (hybrid/city/mountain bike/kids'/road tyres).

Ease of use

Clips onto all types of valve thanks to its dual head.


Built-in pressure gauge to inflate it to the right pressure.


Two aluminium foot rests for added stability.


Aluminium body.

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900 Floor Pump
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Just what I needed

I’ve been struggling to get to the recommended psi with a tiny hand pump. I’ve been stubborn. This is amazing. So simple and effective. Highly recommend.



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Pumps both my road bike tyres to over 110 psi up with ease good for mtb tyres as well fantastic pump for the price would buy again

Perfect pump

As excepted this pump has all the features need for inflating road bikes and mountain bike tyres, presta and schrada valves. Easy to use, even for my 7 years old daughter. Plug in the right universal head to the tyre value, hold down the pump with your feet and off you go!

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Wayyyy better than some of the competition

Bought one of these a while back along with an SKS Rennkompressor track pump. I have one in the house and one in the garage. The price differential is quite substantial, but anyone considering one of these - this is way better than the Rennkompressor in my opinion. I use both a lot. I've replaced washers, through use, in equal measure, but the BTWIN 900 has definitely remained the better of the two. It just continues to do the job, whereas the Rennkompressor has gotten sloppy. The 900 is a lot lighter too. No qualms is recommending the BTWIN 900.

Does the job

Great not having to fiddle with extra bits when switching between presta and schrada valves. The dial is quite small though, I have stop pumping and lean down to be able to read it.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Can't go wrong with this. Easy to inflate any road tyre from 4 to 8 bar with just 3 quick pumps. Been using this for >two years and performs like the first day.


I have not used it. It looks likes it is a great purchase.

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Defective pump?

Used this on both of my bikes. After the second time one bike had a flat tyre with air hissing out from the valve. Thought it was the tyre. Same thing happened with the second bike 2 weeks later. This pump has cost me two new inner tubes. Can't return as I don't have the returns form. Be careful if you buy. I think I was unlucky as most people seem to love it.

Excellent product

Had my Decathlon Track Pump for over 5 years now - it has worked well and had no problems, used on presta and Schroeder MTB valves. The lever on the valve head takes a bit of practise to fit but all track pumps do. Would recommend this product. The presta seal will get worn eventually- do you sell replacement seals?


Just a quick update about this pump after using it now for a few weeks only the tube is aluminium the Base plate is steel the handles are very ergonomic in design and very comfortable in use the plunger washer is just a simple o ring and the size of this is sorry Canada and America inside dimension 21mm and cross section 4mm just incase it needs replacing the hose is to short in my opinion but long enough to do the job . The gauge is accurate enough but not precise you will need a separate tyre pressure gauge to be more accurate as with all track pumps .the dual head on the pump works very well and is easy to use, the lever can be tricky to engage at times you just need to press the head down over the valve stem properly to engage .in operation this pump is very efficient and easy to gain the right tyre pressure right or there or there abouts as we have three bikes one a road bike which requires 120 psi a mountain bike about 45 psi and a fold up bike which requires 40 psi two bikes have a shcrader valve and the other a presta the dual head makes it a dodoll to check all the bike tyres at once the numbers on the dial are small to read you end up having to use the arrow indicator on the gauge to show you that your pressure is right I can't tell you more than that it's a very efficient pump in use the handles are very comfortable the gauge accurate enough but not precise and the all metal construction will aid in durability

Can't get anything like a decent seal

Bought mine (in red) from the Stockport store this morning. I'm not sure if it is defective or simply not fit for purpose. Either way, I'll be asking for a refund, hopefully tomorrow.

Previous reviewed overriden - the pump works well

Apologies, I wrote a review saying the pump did not work, please feel free to delete it. It took a while to understand how to fit it, as to be fair it does not seem natural, but once I understood how to do it the pump works very well, no issue at all. Thanks

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Poor quality

Had this pump for less than a year. It was good until recently and now the head keeps popping off the presta valve when pumping rendering it useless. Probably used it less than 30 times.


It's doesn't work and doesn't successful seal the air that's going into the bike now I have a flat tyre when and can't pump air into it

Hello there. Thank you for leaving a review. I am curious to find out why this product is not working for you. Please could you send me directly either photos of the pump attached to the valve or if possible a video of what happens when you try to pump up the tyre?

MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON UK

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Aluminium


  • 100% Aluminium

Inside room

  • 100% Polyamide


  • 100% Polyamide

Small and large valves

Connects to all types of valve (Presta, Schrader, Dunlop) by clipping the universal head on.

How to use your pump

1) Select the connector that matches your inner tube valve (black: large valve (Schrader) and grey: small valve (Presta).2) Push the pump onto the valve.3) Use the black lever to clip the pump into place.4) Inflate to the desired pressure.5) Check the pressure with the built-in pressure gauge.




1.21 kg.

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