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Adult Freeskate Inline Skates MF900

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For a high-speed adventure in the city or on the tracks, these are the rollers you need. The setup that will give you the best performance.

Get up to speed and stay agile, venture out with the MF900 and you'll discover new sensations. Vitness will no longer have any secrets for you.

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Sale price: Dhs. 680.00

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Product Features

A photo of the Adult Freeskate Inline Skates MF900 in use

Fitting comfort

Thick foam liner with nylon and lycra interior.

Glide quality

ABEC7 bearings and 110 mm / 86A wheels.


Rigid structure and triple fastening system (2 micrometric buckles & laces).

Ease of handling

Short 255mm frame in extruded aluminium.

Abrasion resistance

Reinforcements: removable protections on the side of the foot.

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Adult Freeskate Inline Skates MF900
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OK product for a price

Used it few times on the track around 100km. They are made of hard plastick shell with soft inside. I had to return first order as one lower buckle snapped at first use. I don't like fasteners as they are difficult to undo. Soft inside is to thin and my upper left feet (inside edges fold over and that makes a mark on my feet) and right next to ankle hurts. If you are used to lighter rollers you will feel a difference, the are quite heavy, over 3.5kg I feel they roll better then 4 wheel and are more agile. Comparing with Roces I'm used to they feel less comfortable to ride. I hope they become more pleasent to ride once I got them longer and could write additional review.

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Quality, fast, and Fun!

The Oxelo MF900 is an excellent skate for the money and is perfect for anyone keen to venture out on their first tri-skate or larger-wheeled skate. I have posted plenty of videos featuring the Oxelo MF900 and the MF500 on YouTube and Instagram, and I post regularly, so check out Rich Hayter Skater to see them in action. The Oxelo MF boot has a quality, solid feel and, due to the embedded aluminum plates in the sole, it offers a multitude of options for adjusting and swapping out the frames. The Khaki, black, and white colour scheme also looks great, in my opinion. The abec 7 bearings are basic, but the combination of these with the larger 110mm wheels means these skates offer considerable speed. The 86A wheels are reliable, offering predictable levels of grip and slide. The 45 degree ratchet enclosure has been updated since the previous MF500 model and it has a higher quality feel to it; I have, however, noticed some wear on the strap itself that has not occurred on my MF500 even after over a year of use. The only negative I have about the MF900 is that the liner can cause some ankle discomfort. This is something that is quite common with this liner, which also features on the MF500. I have posted an extensive YouTube review of the Oxelo MF500 on Youtube and I plan to do the same with the MF900 after I have rolled them sufficiently. The MF500 is, in my opinion, a fantastic skate for the money and is always the skate I recommend to new skaters; I have no doubts the MF900 will prove to be just as good. In the meantime, if you’d like to see these Oxelo MF900 or the MF500 in action, checkout Rich Hayter Skater on YouTube and Instagram.

Really Awesome And So Effortless Skating

It is really Awesome And So Effortless Skating. I am recommending even for kids of age 14 years... So fast and so smooth....

Good Skates But Painful

These are good for roaming around the town. Good quality hard boot and stable frame.86a Wheels are also good for speed and slides. But the liner is very thin, these liners are actually very painful. I had to purchase a new liner from proskates that costed me another 1200/- for a pair and now I'm enjoying these skates. Overall I can say these are the best value for money but decathlon should provide a better quality liner.

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Akshar Desai Blogs

I always wated to be a pro athlete and skating and roller skating was my sport of choice, but couldn't continue the hobby and had to let go of the sport. But this product ignited the passion once again and I felt like I got my childhood back. Really appreciate the ride and material quality of this product. Its completely safe and easy to operate once you get the hang of it. Of course meant for 15-20 km range, but glides on smooth surfaces like hot knife on butter. Really minimal amount of effort and energy is required to operate this baby.

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Best Budget Inline skates with 3W setup

Awesome skates is perfect pricing... With durable parts... shock absorber.. Good aluminium frames.. Just Bang on and try it

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Awesome Product

I'm a beginner to inline skating.. ordered and Recieved these beautiful skates 2 days ago, been practicing since and I've already managed to balance and skate for short distances and the skates handle my weight pretty well (80 kgs).. also it retains speed.. and the wheels go over rough surfaces smoothly.. as someone passionate about skating.. I'm enjoying the experience be it learning or Falling.. everything is worth it.

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Worth the value

You'll not find other skates worth than this in its price.

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Happy with the product


Buy this as your 2nd skates

Amazing Adults FreeRide Inline Skates !

Just amazing inline skates by Decathlon.The wheels size is of 110mm for better speed and good to do tricks or stunts on it.

Not Bad

I used to skate as a kid. Trying my hands on the inline skates for the first as an adult. Allen key given with the skates is not of a good use, as it's short rather they should provide a T shape based allen key to tighten the screws. Rest built is sturdy but haven't much ridden on the roads just rolling them on a cemented or a marble surface. I am in doubt with the straps to tighten the boots. Durability still needs to be tested as I am not much into jumping or stunts. They should avoid using white laces and white material used on the padding. These skates have jumbo 3 wheels so if you are a beginner start with four wheels inline skates ie MF500's.

Excellent Work

Excellent work by oxelo on triskates, most affordable and strong product with proper balancing and speed, i loved these pair.


แพคเกจดีห่อบับเบิลไม่เสียค่าส่ง อัพเดทการขนส่งดีเยี่ยม บริการหลังการขายดี

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ขอบพระคุณสำหรับคะแนนรีวิวและคำชมค่ะ ขอให้คุณลูกค้ามีความสุขกับการใช้สินค้าของเรานะคะ

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyethylene


  • 50% Polyurethane
  • 50% Polycarbonate


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyethylene


  • 50% Polyurethane
  • 50% Polyamide 6.6

What support do these freeride skates have?

The cuff (the plastic part on top, also known as a "spoiler") has been developed with one aim in mind: offering optimal foot support. To do so, it is moulded with a mixed composite with 15% fibreglass.And for (even more) support, the skates have 2 micrometric buckles and laces.

What is the impact protection?

Built-in shell and plastic pads on the forefoot protect the skate while sliding or in the event of a fall.

Are these skates versatile, or can they only be used for freeride?

To make them sufficiently versatile and ensure a good glide quality, the skate comes with 110mm wheels and a solid, responsive plate (to withstand the different jumps and slides).The three wheels mean really good handling.The plate can be slightly moved to the left or the right to suit your needs.

What braking system do these freeride skates use?

The full brake, pad & brake mount can be fitted to the left or right foot (supplied unmounted).The brake mount is available from your Decathlon store Workshop.The brake pad is available in the roller skating department (depending on the store) or online.

What is extruded aluminium?

Extrusion is a thermomechanical manufacturing process in which a compressed material is forced through a die (tool that shapes it into a fixed profile).Since it has not been folded or cut, the extruded part (for this skate, the plate) is therefore more solid and shaped more precisely.

How can you maintain/repair your skates?

You can replace parts or repair your skates using the after-sales parts available in store, online and at your local Decathlon store's workshop.

How can you make your skates last longer?

To extend the lifespan of your skates after skating through water, dust or sand, take the wheels off, dry them and degrease the bearings with a dry cloth.Find our advice and tutorials on our YouTube channel:

How can you make the wheels last longer?

It's normal to switch your wheels around because they don't wear out evenly. The reason? We often skate with our feet sloping slightly inwards when we push off and turn.If you want to stop them wearing out, switch your wheels around (in pairs).

What is the maximum weight for these oxelo mf 900 skates?

These adult skates meet the EN 13843 class A standard (adult inline skate standard). This standard applies to "Roller sports equipment - inline skates" designed for a person weighing between 20kg and 100kg. This European standard defines the safety requirements and the specifications for the test methods, markings, and information provided by the manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury.

How much do the oxelo mf 500 skates weigh?

3.6 kg per pair in size 9 (without brakes).

How are our products tested?

All of our skates have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear.As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.

Which wheels are compatible?

These skates are equipped with 110 mm wheels. They are compatible with all skate wheels with a diameter of 110 mm or less. To ensure the same quality of skating experience on your MF900 skates, we suggest using wheels with a diameter of 110 mm or 100 mm if you want slightly easier handling (Powerslide Infinity 100 mm wheels available on our website: product reference no. 8572026).

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