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Cycle Touring Road Bike RC500 (Disc Brake)

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A photo of the Cycle Touring Road Bike RC500 (Disc Brake) in use

Cycle Touring Road Bike RC500 (Disc Brake) : We've designed and tested this road bike for your regular rides. It guarantees matchless comfort for cycling further, more often.

Cycle further and more often with the most comfortable road bike we've ever designed. Discover its disc braking, special geometry and Shimano Sora groupset

Cycling comfort

Comfort road geometry, 28mm tyres, foam handlebar tape, new ErgoFit saddle


Inserts for pannier rack & mudguards, compatible with 36 mm tubeless ready tyres


Shimano Sora R3000 groupset, bottom bracket, front + rear derailleur and levers

Brake control

Mechanical disc brakes: effective and progressive, even in damp conditions

Lifetime warranty

Triban guarantees the frame, stem, and handlebars for life

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Cycle Touring Road Bike RC500 (Disc Brake)
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issues since beginning

Have had issues with bike since day one. The gears and breaks definitely weren't set up properly (they are now). Have had issues with gears since beginning, leading to several trips back to the store, didn't expect to have to spend money on a new bike in the first few months.

Quality road bike!

This is my first road bike and I love it so much. It looks great, rides well and is good value too. The only downside I have found is that the tyre is possibly the hardest tire I've ever had to get off. I live in Glasgow which is one big pothole so this is definitely a big downside but aside from that it is all good news.

I like it, but....

Bought this last year and have largely enjoyed it. good quality and handles fine for what I am doing on it. The price I got it for at the time was reasonable and appears good value for money on the whole. but man oh man the tires..... the tires are absolutely atrocious. Just do yourself a favour and buy new tires straight away or if possible barter for other tires in store (not sure if i'd even bother buying it now if i knew i had to shell out for tires straight away). Before I went out the first time i tried taking the tire off and unfortunately scraped the wheel quite badly. Used them for a while and had another horrendous experience at the side of the road - further damage to my wheel (i know, fool me once...)

Wheels and tyres

This is my third review of this bike and forth in total as I have reviewed the rc520 which I have owned for over a year. I have removed and put back on the original tyres and my own schwable tyres on many occasions now over the last few weeks and I have come to the conclusion that the thick yellow rim tape installed causes the issues with tyre changes. I have removed this tape and replaced with my own tape and now I encounter no issues whatsoever changing any of the tyres. Both bikes are excellent value and I highly recommend them.

Tribal RC 500 Black (Scratch on frame )

Disappointed due to a scratch on the frame. I don’t know if it was caused by the package as it had extra holes in there when delivered. Having not yet rode the bike and waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive I’m disappointed to say the least.

Great bike for the money.

I bought this bike having read various reviews and so far so good. It looks great, rides well and for the price the spec is amazing. Shimano Sora on a £600 bike! For what I need it for it doesn't need any changes either, maybe tyres at some point, although having read reviews I'm not looking forward to that. Can take mudguards too but don't bother, just get wet and have a nice looking bike! Excellent value.

Needs a little fettling

Originally arrived with a two left handed stem clamps. I got a replacement bracket (after a 10 day wait) and notice that they've altered the design to be a single piece clamp instead of right/left specific. I purchased a brand X stem (from Wiggle) with next day delivery to get me up and running. The triban stem is now on my MTB :) I've fitted Fend Off allu mudguards which are excellent and fit nicely on this bike. The only maintenance I've had to do is on the brakes. The spring in the base of the lever arm popped out on the front brake (signified by a distinct click and jump of the brake lever). I dismantled and re-built and have been okay ever since. Done 1200 miles on it, and overall very pleased, especially at the price.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Good bike but prepare to deal with issues

Like many of the previous reviews, I can say that when I got my RC500, I loved has everything that I need as a beginner/intermediate road cyclist. Quiet, capable of going up steep gradients, good speed, comfortable, good braking (initially), looks great, and generally a good all-rounder on different terrains. However, as I started to cycle regularly beyond 30 miles, the issues started to florish. The "puncture resistant" types are not so resistant to punctures, placing the tyre (front and rear) back on after fixing a flat requires Samson-like strength and a lot Job-like patience (sry for the biblical references). Additionally, over the intial period, I noticed that the back brake mechanism was a bit weak along with the lever feeling (maybe feedback?) a bit worn out and gritty when squeezed it. After a while, I started developing other issues regarding gear shifting i.e. taking a while to go up/down a gear, clacking noises, and more so within the last week, my derailleurs starting having alignment issues. I hired a pro mechanic to fix the issues so that I can go on long-planned ride a few days ago (cancelling was not an option) and in the middle of the ride, one of the spokes on my rear wheel popped and sounds started coming from my bottom bracket. My mechanic advised me to take the bike back, so now, I am having to park the bike and await for the schedule appoinment to take it back to Decathlon. In all, if you're getting into cycling and you have no interest whatsoever in doing regular 30+ miles and transitioning from beginner to intermediate and even higher, this is the bike for you. Otherwise, you might want to look for another bike within the Triban/Decathlon line-up or elswhere lest you will be spending quite a lot time, energy, and money on maintenance. I'll recommend this bike for commuting and light leisurely rides.

Solid workhorse 1000km review

Purchased this as my mountain bike was taking me the distance but was lacking speed. Weighting in at 110kg built for rugby not cycling, the specs, numerous anchor points and warranty on the bike were comforting. 5 weeks, 2 punctures caused by awful road conditions in industrial estates and 650 miles later the bike has performed perfectly from initial setup. People have mentioned its a struggle to remove the tyre. I haven't found this to be true. 1 break the bead 2 insert two tyre levers a third of the way round the tyre apart 3 use a third lever to skim the rim to remove. Both times has been a 10 minute job start to back on the move.

Major safety issues

Bought RC500 on 7/9/20 rode it for2 miles and it started to make some clicking noise. Took it back to the store and they sorted it. Came home, about to take it out for another ride and the rear tyre blew off(glad I was just pushing the bike to my front door). Next morning took it back to the store and they were very apologetic and said that the tube didnt sit properly thats why it happened, they replaced the inner tube and I was a happy customer. Next morning I went out for another ride and this time after covering 8 miles, I was doing 25mph and the rear tyre blew off once again. I came off my bike, twisted my ankle and the rear wheel got scrapped. I was still 6 miles away from home and had to carry the bike home with my twisted ankle. Phoned the dealer once again and they said that this time we’ll change the tyre, wheel and the inner tube. I was told to bring the bike in they’ll swap the parts straight away. Upon arriving there, they realised that none of the parts are in stock and they’ll have to order them in. I got a call a couple of days after telling me that The parts have arrived and the bike should be ready in a couple of hours. After an hour I got a call that they received a wrong wheel and will have to re order. It has been another 2 days and I haven't heard anything back. I have started to feel nervous about riding this bike and dont really think it is fit for it’s purpose due to safety concerns. Shop around you might be able to get a better price.

Stupid bike

I bought this bike front Decathlon in late October 2019, ever since owning this bike I have needed to replace the brakes, wheels and cassette as the standard ones this bike came with where terrible, I’ve spend more money fixing the bike than the bike had originally cost, I don’t recommend buying this bike. I wished I’d never brought this bike as it’s not compatible with rim brakes, standard cycling equipment and is well designed!

Good value, potentially good, but with issues.

I bought this bike around 4 weeks ago and opted for collection from the Lakeside store. I had high hopes having read the many good reviews. My wife collected it for me but when she brought it home I immediately noticed several scratches on the down tube close to where it meets the top tube and on the top tube itself. These were not done while bringing it home and must have occurred at the factory, in transit or at the store. There was a delivery note wrapped around the down tube which covered some of the scratches so they may not have been obvious at the time. It was very disappointing to receive a new bike that was already scratched. There seems to have been very little done in in terms of initial set-up or safety checks. My wife says the bike was wheeled out with the handlebars set at 90 degrees (flat to the frame) so it was not possible for her to take if for a short test ride. I straightened the bars and tested the bike in my garden and on a couple of local rides. The front mech was badly adjusted and in the large chainring there was a lot of chain rub in the four highest gears, making for a very noisy and poor-quality ride. I have adjusted this myself but the gears were clearly not set up properly at the factory or checked at the store. More importantly, the rear brake lever appears to be faulty or not correctly set up. There’s approximately 2cm of free play in the lever stroke before it engages the brake cable. This results in the lever rattling and making a lot of noise while being ridden on slightly uneven road surfaces. Aside from the noise, it’s is just plain dangerous to have a brake that doesn’t immediately engage. This is surely one of the most basic pre-sale safety checks but it clearly hadn’t been done and I am surprised the bike was allowed to leave the store like it. The brakes do seem stronger than the calliper brakes on my other road bike but the front disc makes a lot of noise, to the point where people have turned to see what the noise is. It’s a bit embarrassing. As the purchase was made on my wife’s account she sent a direct message to raise these issues and was offered a £10 voucher! I don’t live near to a Decathlon so I can’t just pop in to get these issues seen to and it will be an inconvenience to do so (the £10 voucher will barely cover the cost of the journey). I’m also not going pay out for a local bike shop to sort the brake lever problem when it shouldn’t have been sold like it in the first place. I’ve long been a fan of Decathlon. Products are generally well made and service is usually good. On this occasion though I am extremely disappointed by the lack of quality control and product preparation. The experience has been tainted and rather than feeling excited to take my new bike out I’m left feeling a bit deflated and cautious of riding it too hard in case there are other, as yet unknown, issues. Due to this I can’t really comment on the ride quality and handling.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

I bought this bike on the website on July 1, I was waiting to pick it up at the reading store for 2 weeks, once I picked it up the boy did not adjust the bike to my size, he just gave it to me and left, I guess I would be in a hurry ... I took the bike for the first time today, everything was going great until 10 minutes later the rear wheel exploded, tomorrow I will take it to the store and I hope they give me a solution since it has only been used 10 minutes

-correction of previous review-

I just did a review entitled "Almost, but not quite". I was wrong. The chain is OK. The derailleurs adjustments were bad. I managed to fix this. Do not post the previous review.

Hi Jean-François,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Don't worry for your previous comments.

We will be happy to see you again.

Best regards,



I purchased this bike on 08/13/2020 and received it on 08/19/2020. After riding it four times, there have been many issues. First issue: rode the bike for the first time, noticed a gear clicking sound, the front derailleur was too tight and too much tension, which caused an issue and I had to have it repaired. (less than 24 hours having the bike) Second issue: same thing happened again, the front derailleur was not staying on properly after riding the second time Third issue: riding at 35km/hr I changed to the third gear and the chain came off the gear. I lost control of the bike and now have an injury on my right leg from this. I highly do not recommend this bike. The price point is great, the look of the bike is great BUT it is not perfected enough to be a performance road bike by any means.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Aluminium

Choosing the right size bike

You should choose the size of your bike based on your height, as well as your build (arm span and leg length).If you are between sizes, the smaller size will give you a more athletic position, while the larger size will give you a more comfortable position.XS 154 165cmS 165 173cmM 173 180cmL 180 188cmXL 188 200cmYou can try the Triban 500/520, which has exactly the same geometry, in our stores.Certain stores offer a bike fit service.


New Triban Evo frame in 6061 T6 aluminium, comfort-oriented geometry with adapted slopingWeight: 1780g in size MStrong, versatile frame: can be fitted with a mudguard and pannier rackCompatible with tyres up to 700x36mm or 650x40mm


New Triban Evo fork with carbon blades and aluminium 1"1/8 Aheadset steerer tube. This fork combines comfort, low weight (680g), and precision.The carbon has been machined to provide good lateral rigidity and good filtering of frontal vibrations.Inserts on the blades for mounting a front pannier rackMax weight to be carried on the fork: 9kg,Holes on the wheel axle for attaching a mudguardCompatible with tyres up to 700x36 or 650x40

Handlebar / stem / steering

Ergonomic aluminium Triban handlebars for a better grip and excellent comfort.Handlebar width end to end:XS / S: 400 mm.M / L: 420 mm.XL: 440 mm.New Triban stem:XS / S: 80 mm.M: 100mm.L: 110 mm.XL: 120 mm.


Shimano Sora R3000 shiftersShimano Sora R3000 front derailleurShimano Sora R3000 9-speed rear derailleur with long screedTotal weight: 905 g

Crankset / cassette

Microshift CS-H092 9V 11/32 cassette(11/13/15/17/19/21/24/28/32).Shimano Sora R3000 compact crankset in 50/34.Crank length varies according to size of bike:XS, S, M: 170 mm.L, XL: 175 mm.


Promax DSK-300R disc brakes.160mm disc brakes at front and rearJAGWIRE anti-compression hosing to ensure braking precision and efficiencySemi-metal pad, after-sales service ref. 8562868


Triban Tubeless ready* wheels6063T6 aluminiumETRTO dimensions: 622 x 17 C24mm high for greater lateral rigidityCrossed steel spokes for improved rigidity (28 front and 28 rear)Sealed bearingsWeight per pair (without cassette and QR): 2200 g* To switch to Tubeless, you'll need a pair of Tubeless Ready tyres and a conversion kit including 2 tubeless valves + 2 rim strips + bottle of anti-puncture liquid.


Triban Resist+ tyres410gSkinwall stiff bead1 mm nylon anti-puncture protectionDurable carcass: 55 TPI.Dimensions: 28c-622 / 700 x 28c for greater comfortMax pressure: 8 bar / 116 psi.These tyres are NOT Tubeless Ready

Saddle / seat post

New Triban ErgoFit saddle. Hammock design for greater comfort. Aluminium Triban seat post. Easy saddle adjustmentDiameter: 27.2 mm.Length: 350mm in M / L / XL, 300mm in S, 250mm in XS


Platform pedals are included with the bikeThe weight of the bike is given without the pedals.

Mudguard compatibility

This bike is compatible with the following mudguards in our range:- B'TWIN FLASH ROAD BIKE SADDLE MUDGUARD (item 8327786)- RACEBLADE PRO XL SKS ROAD BIKE MUDGUARD SET (item 8515529)- BLUEMELS MATT 35 SKS ROAD BIKE MUDGUARD Set (item 8385659)Enter the product code into the search bar on the DECATHLON website to learn more about those products.

Is the rc500 bike designed for bikepacking?

Yes, this bike was designed for bicycle touring on roads, including bikepacking. That means you can install light bags, for example on the saddle, on the frame, and on the handlebars. Thanks to its comfort, the RC500 is the perfect companion for long journeys in the saddle.This bike is not however a bike for travelling. We do not recommend overloading it with larger travel bags on the pannier rack, for example.

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10.6 kg in size M, without pedals

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