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Elops 120 Low Frame City Bike - Blue

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Product Features

A photo of the Elops 120 Low Frame City Bike - Blue in use

Elops 120 Low Frame City Bike - Blue : Our passionate team developed this bike for riding in town occasionally...and having fun!

Go for a ride in the city thanks to this both simple and comfortable roadster bike. Simplify your outings with this pannier rack.

User comfort

Cycle with a straight back for greater comfort with this Dutch-style bike.

Ease of use

Make your ride more enjoyable: 27kg pannier rack, mudguards, and chain housing.

Bike safety

Improved security: 10 lux dynamo LED and inserts for the frame lock.

Lifetime warranty

Keep it for a long time: lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar & fork.

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Elops 120 Low Frame City Bike - Blue
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Nice bike

Bought for 13 year old daughter , she loves the style and colour of the bike , but the front break is still noisy.

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Sturdy basic for inexperienced riders

This was the first bike I purchased as an adult. It is adequate for my needs: inexpensive, sturdy (i.e., heavy), easy to adjust, and comfortable for short distances in town. A great bike to start with if you don't know what you want and just need to get around. The front light wiring is fails often, so I had to purchase an extra front light. The riding position is not upright enough for me, so I will soon upgrade to a lighter, Dutch-style bike.

Great commuter bike

Great on the flat ride to work

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Nice colour

Nice colour but not a very good bike. Build in lights a good idea but difficult to cycle with dynamo on for any distance. Bike very difficult on any hills and very heavy.Bike not well set up.Brake cables pulled through after just a few days. Otherwise you more or less get what you pay for but in hindsight I would not buy it again if I had the chance

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Good quality

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Bike Fantastic

Lovely bike, easy to ride- good value for money

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Nice bike

It arrived quicker than I was expecting. When we made the appropriate adjustments the handlebars still moved even after being tightened. Having used it along the canal path and the road is definitely more suited to the road.

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Smart affordable city bike

Nice looking bike and comfortable ride. Only just bought the bike so early days ! So far so good! Recommend the detachable city basket which is very useful for bags and shopping for errands around town and leisure rides.

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Lovely looking bike, very nice to ride, and very reasonably priced

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Late delivery

Delivered a day late, ordered online and at no point was I informed that the child seat wouldn’t fit until I tried to fit but couldn’t Bike is nice and not too heavy

Classic city bike at a good price

Excited to learn riding my first ever bike!

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Classic city bike at a good price

First time bike learner here and I decided to go for a classic city bike. Pretty and very sturdy.

Average, but surprising amount of issues.

Issues: 1. Unable to make the seat higher. I've used the right tools and was able to adjust it to the hight I want, however when one rides on it, one's leg inevitably moves the seat and causing it to drop. 2. Back wheel brake is not able to stop the bike completely. 3. When shifting gear to level 6, great noises appear(structural fatigue sounds) I would recommend this bike only if this is and exception.

Fitting and wheel alignment issues

I purchased the bike from Decathlon Bedok. A tried to ride my bike home from the store, but a few minutes into my ride I found that the back wheel was not fitted properly. As soon as I applied pressure to the paddle, the whole back wheel shifted to the side and pressed against the frame, making it almost impossible to ride. I found that the nut/bolt was completely loose. I tightened it at home. However, the alignment of both wheels are still off, chafing against the mud guards. Very disappointing and inconvenient, as I will have to find a bike shop to repair this brand new bike.

Hi Johan,

Thank you for taking the time to review our products. Regret to know that you had problem with your bike from the day of purchase. You can always come back to the Bedok store and inform them about the problem and they will check and access the bike.

We look forward to more of your reviews and sharing! Plus, the new Decathlon app has been launched and you can now purchase all your favourite sports goods with just a few clicks on your smartphone! Yes, it's now available both in the App store and Google Play Store! Download now and happy shopping!

Have a sporty day!


CSM Sports Advisor

Poor built quality, poor design

I went for this bicycle as top of the range in the "city bike dutch style" line up. Thinking would be a good investment to pay a bit more to get the top of line and get the extra quality. However I am very disappointed at this product. The bike is too heavy for what it should be and looses agility because of that, both on manoeuvring direction and getting momentum in cycling. Other than that, the bicycle has several build quality issues. 1) The wheels' connection to the frame is not well designed in the sense that only one of the sides is fully supported against the frame and the other side is left semi-hanging just tight to the frame by pressure of the screw (but can retrocede ever so slightly). This is because of only one side having extra gear shift equipment. As a consequence, with your weight (and your child if you have a child seat) the back wheel has a tendency to flex side ways to the left / which causes enormous attrition between the wheel and the wheel guards and also the brakes (because the left brake ends up always touching the wheel metal). I went to decathlon to exchange the bike, the service was not very human but they replaced the bike with no questions so that was good. However the second bike I got started showing EXACTLY same behaviour after a while - which goes to show its a problem of the bikes design. 2) Lastly, the bike rest kickstand that comes with it is not very strong. I've actually had the bike fall just with the weight of my 4y old 15Kg son and fold the bike stand upwards (gladly he didn't get hurt). I went to decathlon and replaced the bike stand by another more solid one sold in store. This one instead of being installed on the left side, it comes from the bottom of the bike (hence bicycle stands exactly straight up when standing and not slightly sideways as the normal stands - thought this would give extra stability). This bike stand is indeed better, but is now coming loose and once again the design of the bike is too crammed near the bottom where the kickstand screws to the frame, so impossible to fit a wrench/other tool there to tighten the screw (even the staff in decathlon store struggled to install it and was doing it with hands). So yet another aspect where the bicycle shows to not be well designed/thought trough, neither well built All in all the bicycle is not well designed neither well built. By now I already had 2 of these bikes and the exchange didn't really solve the issues as they came back again. So at this point not sure if I can - neither if I want - yet a 3rd version of this model. As I need the bike on a daily basis for me and my kid I am seriously considering just downgrading for some other decathlon city bike with WAAAY less bells and whistles but that just does the job RELIABLY. Instead of this model that tries to do way too much and can't do it well.

Hi Pedro,


Thank you so much for your review to us.

We're sorry to hear that our ELOPS 120 LOW FRAME CITY BIKE - BLUE

is unsatisfactory for you.

We take reviews and feedback into consideration as we strive to improve our products to cater to sports users!

We will bring your feedback to our production team to ensure better quality products for you and the rest of our users.


Thank you and I wish you a pleasant week ahead!:)



Sport Advisor

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel


We are offering a city bike with a low standover height to make your rides simpler and more practical. The City hybrid bike geometry lets your ride with a straight back. It also has a lifetime warranty!And the sizing? The bike has 28-inch wheels and is suitable for cyclists measuring 1.55m to 1.75m."


Your Elops 120 bike has 6 speeds on an external derailleur for improved versatility on reasonable inclines. Hills and accelerating after a red light become child's play.


Front and rear aluminium calliper V-brakes provide efficient braking and a safe ride.

Handlebar / stem / steering

Your bike has geometrically ergonomic handlebars and a steel damper stem so that you can keep your back straight while riding!


The single-walled wheels' rims are made from aluminium. Tyres require consistent pressure (between 3.5 and 4.5 bar) to prevent punctures and rim deformation. We chose a hub fastened with nuts to lower the risk of theft.


"We chose 28-inch tyres so that you can comfortably ride in town: a smooth rolling bike that can easily drive over small obstacles along the way. Not even cobblestones, sewer drains, potholes, or tramway rails can make you lose your balance!Inner tubes are equipped with car valves: you can inflate your tires at a service station. To avoid flat tires, we recommend keeping your tyres at a constant pressure between 3.5 and 4.5 bars (depending on your weight)

Accessories / equipment

Your bike is equipped with a mudguard, a pannier rack that can hold up to 27kg (the new standard for mounting a baby carrier), front and rear LED lights powered by bottle dynamo, and a chain housing to avoid getting grease on your pants!


"Your bike also has spots for attaching frame and foldable locks so that you have peace of mind.This bike is also compatible with the entire B'Twin mobility bag range.

Bike weight

17,5 kg

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