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Feet Warmers x 30

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Feet Warmers x 30 : We have developed these heat pads to provide you with warmth, additional comfort and extra enjoyment during your winter sports activities.

Are you looking for a source of heat outdoors to keep you warm during cold weather activities. This warmer will provide warmth for 5 to 6h.

Long-lasting effect

To last 5h, the warmer must be placed in the shoes when warm.

Fast acting

Open the bag / knead / wait for 10 minutes. Activate at room temperature.

Ease of use

Ready for use. Activates when in contact with air. Adhesive warmer.


Warms feet in cold weather for 5 to 6 hours.

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Feet Warmers x 30
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not great

don't last as long as advertised

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Very warm

Easy to use and do what they say

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Feet Warmers, um, not really

I had great hopes for the feet warmers as I get cold feet on rides longer than 2 hours in temps cooler than 8degC. They do warm up when introduced to air, they feel warm when starting the ride but my feet, and toes where the warmers are placed, still get cold. After a 3 hour ride the feet warmers are the same temperature as my feet - cold. I dont know if my waterproof cycling shoes stop the air and therefore catalytic rection within the feet warmers when in the shoe.

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not that effective

I had high hopes but seems they don't work for me. Bought a pack of 15 and whenever it's cold outside the reaction in the warmer grinds to a halt. Thus providing No heat . When I get back home to the warmth they get going again. Followed instructions, let them get going at home first and yet they always stop working in the cold. So not much point. Still got cold cycling feet. Perhaps useful on not so cold days ;) defeating the purpose.

Foot warmers

If you follow the instructions on the box they work well evry time. They keep my feet worm on winter rides

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Foot Warmers.

I use these to take the chill off when out cycling mostly, pretty easy and straight forward to use. Follow the instructions as these fit on the outside of your socks, as there a much higher temperature.

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Really warm

Excellent purchase work well in Wellington boots Not to hot and warm all day Excellent product

Cosy Feet

Bought these for cycling in the cold - my feet are always frozen very early on - well not any more! These last for a few hours, and they are slim so can fit easily under your socks and shoes. They are worn on the top of your foot and have a good amount of stick that they don't move once placed. I have found these a great way to keep me happy on my bike!

Warm toes!

I have used these befor as my feet seem to freeze when cycling in cold weather. Theese work well by following the instructions and will keep your feet warm even in cycling shoes. A good product to use.

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Winter Necessity

These are my go-to for winter. Although these are "for feet", I use the sticky back to stick the warmers to the inside of my sleeves, gloves or even on the inside of the back of my trousers to warm my lower back and therefore the rest of my body faster. The heat is great (almost gets too hot sometimes) and they really do last the 5 hours.

Pensioner with cold feet

Have used these foot warmers for the last few years they are a must for me.suffered for year's with cold feet until I found these. Wonderful so easy to use.

Feet warmers are great

Takes the chill away from freezing ice block feet. Wouldn't be without these anymore in cold weather, a must have product.

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Super, nohy neomrzly

4 hodiny prijemne teploty

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Additional Product informations



  • 0% Activated Carbon
  • 0% Iron
  • 0% Sodium Chloride
  • 0% Vermiculite
  • 0% Water


Never stick the warmer directly to the skin. Children, the elderly and disabled people should use this product with care and under supervision.Seek the advice of a doctor before use in cases of diabetes, delicate or sensitive skin, blood circulation problems, paralysis or damaged nerves, rheumatoid arthritis, if you are pregnant or if you have any doubt.External use only. Do not apply to frostbite or desensitised skin.Do not use while sleeping.

How it works

A little like a fire, a combustible (iron powder/active carbon mix) and a combustive (oxygen in air)are required.So the reaction stops_when there is no more active carbon (definitive stop after approximately 5h_or in an airtight environment (in a rubber boot or with neoprene cycling overshoes). The interruption is temporary = if you give the warmer more air, the reaction will start up again.


1. Remove the warmer from the bag and knead it to start the heating process with the oxygen and humidity in the air,2.wait 10 minutes as the HEATER MUST BE WARM before enclosing it in your boots.3. ideally open it in an environment with an ambient temperature of 20°C (at home, in the car, etc),4. although activating it at 0°C is possible, you will have to wait longer for the warmer to be hot.

What should i do if my warmer stops heating after 1 hour? or if it doesn't heat enough?

The reaction stopped due to lack of air.Remove the warmer from the boot and give it more air, knead it between your fingers to warm it faster and place it back in your boot only when the T° has increased well.There is nothing more frustrating than being cold during exercise, and then once you are home, having a warmer that heats up again and throwing it away when it is burning hot.

Be careful of burns

2 situations should be avoided:_ Never place the pad directly on the skin.Ideally, outside the sock, and depending on the type of boot or shoe volume, on the top of the foot or under the toes._Do not use the warmer and another heat source (for example: do not keep the warmers on after the sporting activity, in the car, when the heating is blowing on the feet).

Borderline cases

_if there is no air around the warmer : enclosed in a neoprene shoe cover or in rubber boots, ..._in extreme conditions: In very cold weather, the warmer provides extra warmth in addition to the T° it is used in, but unfortunately, if the T° is too low, it has trouble_in very high altitude: > 3000 m, the lack of oxygen limits the reaction.

Good to know

To keep your feet nice and warm with these foot warmers, you should know that the_exothermal reaction starts on the production line,_there is a 100% check of the active mix,_then only at the end of the line the foot warmer is inserted in the plastic packaging that stops the reaction and therefore heat production.It will start again when the pack is opened, with oxygen and humidity.

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