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Hiker's camp MH100 stainless 1 person (1.1L)

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Product Features

A photo of the Hiker's camp MH100 stainless 1 person (1.1L) in use

Hiker's camp MH100 stainless 1 person (1.1L) : Our passionate designers have developed a simple, complete and clever cook set for 1 person to cook and eat outside.

In durable and easy to maintain stainless steel. Patented folding handle that locks the cook set for transport. Bowl and cutlery included. For 1 person.

Ease of use

Sturdy and easy to maintain stainless steel saucepan, foldable handle. 380 g.


1 pan, 1 lid /strainer, 1 bowl (0.45L), 1 set of 3 pieces of cutlery.

Easy transport

Folding handle locks the lid. Compact (Ø 17 cm x 9.5 cm).

Fast acting

Fine stainless steel for quick heating.


Cook everywhere:cookset suitable for all types of burner (wood, gas, induction).

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Hiker's camp MH100 stainless 1 person (1.1L)
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not the best

Used it only a couple of times, once to boil water and it was ok, the second time I used it to heat my food and the bottom is burnt and can't even remove the dark of it.

Thin material

Anything starts burning quickly because of the thin steel.Can only be used on Gas flame very carefully.

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1. The pan is made of steel, so it easily gets hot even in the lowest flame. You can't fry or warm any food in it, the food burns along with the inside and the bottom of the pan. I have tried to fry omelet, small fish, salads, even in 14 degree C in this winter and I have always had to scrub all the burn stain with effort. It's only good for boiling stuff, water, noodles etc. 2. The inside base of the pan where the food meets the oil, this base isn't flat, rather elevated at the center and depressed near the edge. So, when you pour oil and heat it, the oil moves from the center to the edges and it gets hard to fry anything, and the center starts to burn. Even it didn't burn, this elevated center would've been a problem and it costs more oil, man! 3. The lid, it's just terrible. It has small grills to let the hot vapor come out, but when boiling any liquid, the hot vapor (>100 degree C) starts to melt the plastic around the grills and the area bends. Mine kept bending to the point that now I can't fully close the pan. 4. The spoon starts to melt from edges when stirring hot water or hot oil. It's normal for these because they can withstand only up to 100 degree C which is very low when boiling/frying anything. IT'S BEST TO AVOID THIS PIECE OF JUNK (OR COMBINATION OF JUNKS).


Pan is very thin, and the spoon is also a little small but apart from these it is very good.

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Nice product

Am using this product for camping.This is comfortable for carrying.always good product

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It serve its purpose very useful great for outdoor its a must

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Excellent value

Innovative handle, solid build. No complaints.

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Hi Jian Yang,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the Hiker's Camp MH100 Stainless. I am glad that this product has been working well for you and that you love it.

At Decathlon, our mission is to make sports accessible for the many. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are made to satisfy our users. 

Feel free to write a review on other Decathlon products and I hope to see you in our store soon!

Stay Healthy, Be Sporty!


Perfectas para Backpacking

Material resistente, los envases muy bien hechos el plástico cambia de color con el tiempo pero es lo normal. Recomendadas

Splňuje co má

Mohu doporučit, spokojenost..

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Kvalitní ešus s myskou a nádobím

S ešusem jsem spokojen, stejně tak s lehkým a skladným nádobým uvnitř. Jedinou výtku mám k víku ešusu, je z plastu a při vaření vody na uhlících jsem neměl odvahu ponechat plastové víčko na ešusu. Do vody bohužel napadal popel. Jinak spokojenost

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Rychlé se ohřívá a dobře umývá!

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Vše v pořádku jen by mě zajímalo kterej kokot nalepil tu samolepku na dno ešusu nešla vůbec sundat

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super praktické


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Additional Product informations


Cooking pot

  • 100% Stainless Steel 304

Complementary parts

  • 31% Polyamide 6.6
  • 40% Polypropylene
  • 29% Tritan

Cook what you want, where you want! we present the contents of the mh100 cookset for 1 person:

1 measuring saucepan with 1 patented folding handle. (1.1 L useful, 1.3 L total, 230 g, Ø 17 cm x 8.5 cm)1 bowl ( 0.45 litres, 59 g)1 set of 3 pieces of cutlery (fork, spoon, knife) clipable (21 g per set)1 lid/strainer (60g)

The choice of materials for our cooksets: a crucial choice:

We chose 18/8 (304) stainless steel because it combines food safety and long-term resistance. It does not oxidise and prevents corrosion. It is very resistant and can be used with all types of utensils (including metal).

How did we choose the coating for our cooksets?

For the MH100 range, we have chosen not to use a non-stick coating in order to have a very simple product that is resistant to all conditions of use or washing. No need to ask questions about how to carry it, or wash it without damaging it!

And now, we’ll tell you about the plastics in our cookset!

We have chosen polyamide (cutlery and handle), polypropylene (plates) and Tritan (lid) because they are lightweight and very resistant to heat (at least 100°C), impacts and deformation.All our plastics in contact with food are Bisphenol A-free (BPA) in compliance with current French regulations.However, do not place the plastic in direct contact with a flame, or it may melt.

Our advice to get the best use of your cookset:

Our cook sets are compatible with all types of fires (wood, gas, induction, etc.).The saucepan has a patented 2-part folding handle that locks the lid during transport.The lid fits the saucepan, heats food faster and also serves as a strainer.The bowl has a structural pattern on the bottom that limits the transfer of heat and a hole to easily grip it.

How to store your cookset?

The items are stored inside the cook set. First the bowl, then the cutlery, which clip together. The lid is then placed and locked by the folding handle.The bowl and cutlery are also available for sale individually.

How to clean and maintain your cook set?

Before the first use, rinse all the items 3 times with clean water.All the items are dishwasher safe, and when used outside they can be washed with soapy water or with water and sand from the river!

Is there anything you should avoid doing with your cookset?

Never heat your saucepans empty, this will deform them and damage them.When using with a wood fire, make sure that the flames do not directly touch the plastic parts.Close your handle properly before using the cookset on the fire.

Materials and regulations

All of our products and materials meet current food contact standards and do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) in compliance with current French regulations.

A few examples of claver design in action:

The pan, which is graduated to help you measure volumes and quantities.The plates have a loop so that you can hang them to dry quickerAnd finally, a handle closes the cookset for transport.

Our design team tells you the story of the mh100 cookset:

From the very beginning, we wanted to design a product that would enable you to take everything with you to cook and eat outside, while staying clean and practical to use.What next? Many people are involved at each design stage, 3D modelling, tests with experienced and novice users, lots of emotion and finally, a product we’re proud of: a "turn-key" cookset, simple to carry and use so that you can use it stress-free in the outdoors.

A few words about food from our design team:

"When out hiking, one of our passions is cooking. Even outside, you can cook much more than just pasta. And why not pick your food during the hike. Finally, it’s easy to cook and that's what we wanted to achieve with this cookset: we wanted to make hikers' lives easier. Foods taste better when you eat outside. We appreciate dishes differently."

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