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Hiker's Camping SS Cooking Set with Non-stick Coating MH500 4 Person 3.5 L

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A photo of the Hiker's Camping SS Cooking Set with Non-stick Coating MH500 4 Person 3.5 L in use

Hiker's Camping SS Cooking Set with Non-stick Coating MH500 4 Person 3.5 L : Our passionate designers have developed this clever, complete and efficient cooking set for 4 people to cook like a chef and eat outside!

In durable stainless steel with two-layer aluminium base for efficient heating. Non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easier. Complete and compact for 4 people.

Ease of use

Stainless steel + non-stick saucepans for easy cooking and maintenance. 1,645 g.


1 pan, 1 frying pan. For 4 people. Lid / strainer, table mat.

Easy transport

Table mat closes the cook set. Case included. Compact (23 x 16.5 cm).

Fast acting

Stainless steel with two-layer aluminium base for optimum heating.


Cook anywhere:product suitable for any type of fire (wood, gas, induction, etc.)

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Hiker's Camping SS Cooking Set with Non-stick Coating MH500 4 Person 3.5 L
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Family camping meals sorted.

I have been looking for something just like this! Easily taken out of campervan to car boot camping too. I have bought separate plate and cutlery to make it a 5 set which still neatly fit in the black carry bag. Only suggestion would be one not to have stick free coating.

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Very Nice

Very well designed and made.

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Excellent for family of 4

Lightweight & compact. Perfect to take camping for a family of 4

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Very well designed and made

I have been looking for cookset which isn’t made of aluminium. Considering the high price of titanium, stainless steel is the only choice I have. This set is very compact with a large enough frying pan to fry beef. It even comes with coating which is very great. The whole thing comes with a relatively heavy weight but I think it is reasonable considering the size. 5 stars recommended.

Honest And Loyalty App Decathlon

Very nice I am so happy and inspired

Must Buy For Camping

From build quality to packaging everything is in place. Best suited for a nice camping experience for a small group of 4 people.

iker's Camping SS Cooking Set with Non-stick Coati


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Excellent Quality

Excellent quality, extremely portable design. Price is OK.

Missing Wooden Laddle

This kit should have a wooden spoon and spatula. Without a spoon cooking in main container is difficult and laddle for the frying pan

Best product,compact,multi-utilities in one box.

Recommend for all solo/group travelers who prefer cooking in treks etc

Perfect for family camping (3 adults 2 kids)

The pan is made of stainless steel which i love so much for its corrosion resistance & good heat conductive. The saucepan perfect to cook everything included rice & pasta as it comes with non stick burn issue. The lid can be a strainer too and also heat resistant as well as the folding handle. Perfect kitchen combine with camp cabinets! I love the silicone closure too as it can convert to be trivet.

Dear Merah, thank you for your time in leaving us with a 5-Star rating on our product. We are glad that we managed to delight you with the standards of our product. We really appreciate your loyalty with Decathlon. Please let us know if there is anything else we can improve on in the future. Thank you once again for your time and we hope to serve you again soon!

Mohammad hafidzul ashraf

Ohsem item

Great product!

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Dear Amrizal, thank you for your time in rating our product. We are glad that we managed to delight you with the standards of our product. We have read through your comments and will take note of these points into improving ourselves to better satisfy your needs. Thank you once again for your time and we hope to serve you again soon!


Useable Utensils

I like this. I will buy one more set

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Camping in a nutshell

Great camping product complete with cooking and eating utensils. Nothing else required.

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Много качествена изработка. Сглобен, комплектът е много компактен. Съдовете са достатъчно големи за да се сготви и да се нахранят четири човека. Препоръчвам!

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Additional Product informations


Cooking pot

  • 28% Aluminium
  • 1% Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • 71% Stainless Steel 304

Complementary parts

  • 19% Polyamide 6.6
  • 70% Polypropylene
  • 7% Silicon
  • 4% Tritan

Cook what you want, where you want! we present the contents of the mh500 cookset for 4 people:

1 measuring saucepan with 2 folding handles. (2.6 L usable, 3.1 L total, 530 g, Ø 23 cm x 11 cm)1 frying pan with 1 foldable, lockable handle (0.9 L usable, 1.1 L total, 430g, Ø 21 cm x 5 cm)4 plates (69 g each)4 mugs (0.25 L, 36 g each)4 sets of 3 cutlery items (fork, spoon, knife) clip-on (21 g per set)1 lid / strainer suitable for the saucepan or frying pan (110 g)1 silicone closure system serving as a trivet (65 g)1 transport bag ( 26

The choice of materials for our cooksets: a crucial choice:

We chose 18/8 (304) stainless steel because it combines food safety and long-term resistance: It does not oxidise and prevents corrosion. As stainless steel is a little less conductive than aluminium, we have added a double aluminium layer on the base of our saucepans and frying pans in the MH500 range. This diffuses the heat and increases heating efficiency, reducing the amount of gas needed to cook.

How did we choose the coating for our cooksets?

We have chosen a PTFE Xylan + coating by the brand Whitford for its non-stick/durability/price balance and because it is adapted to thin layers of metal (which isn't the case for ceramics).This coating does not contain PFOA-based glue and is suitable for cooking foods.And as with all coatings, we recommend that you avoid using metal cutlery or utensils, to avoid damaging the coating.

And now, we’ll tell you about the plastics in our cooking set!

Polyamide (cutlery and handle), polypropylene (plates, mugs), Tritan (lid) and silicon (table mat) were chosen because they are lightweight and heat-resistant (even up to 100°C), knocks and distortion.All our plastics in contact with food are Bisphenol A-free (BPA) in compliance with current French regulations.However, do not place the plastic in direct contact with a flame, or it may melt.

Our advice to get the best out of your cooking set:

Our cooking sets are compatible with all types of fires (wood, gas, induction, etc.).The frying pan has a folding handle that locks (and unlocks) by pushing (or pulling) the metal part placed at its centre.The lid fits the saucepan and frying pan and also serves as a strainer. Grooves on the lid to hold it without burning yourself.The plates have a structural design underneath that reduces heat transfer.

How to store your cooking set?

To optimise total size and reduce noise during transport, we suggest you store the parts away in the following order:Cutlery fits on the lid, mugs and plates go in the saucepan. The table mat locks the set and the cover lets you transport it, even when dirty.If you’re in a hurry, or you aren't great at tidying away, you can also place all the parts in the saucepan (it’s just noisier and less optimised!).

How to clean and care for your cooking set?

Before the first use, rinse all the items 3 times in clean water.After use, wash the parts in soapy water (preferably warm), then dry them before storing them in a dry place.All items are dishwasher safe, however it is advisable to wash your saucepans and frying pans by hand (to preserve the coating). Also avoid abrasive sponges or sand to clean the inside of utensils.

Is there anything you should avoid doing with your cooking set?

To avoid damaging them, never heat your saucepan or frying pan when empty.When using with a wood fire, make sure that the flames do not directly touch the plastic parts.Do not use metal utensils with non-stick coatings. If you carry things in your cooking set that may damage the coating, place them in a bag or piece of cloth.Finally, always lock the frying pan handle when you use it.

Materials and regulations

All of our products and materials meet current food contact standards and do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) in compliance with current French regulations.

A few examples of clever design in action:

The saucepan, which is graduated to help you measure volumes and quantities.The plates have a loop to hang them up and dry them fasterThe silicone table mat also doubles up as a strap to keep the cooking set closed once everything is tidied away.And finally, the cover lets you keep your cooking set separate from your other belongings in your bag!

Our design team tells you the story of the mh500 cooking set:

From the very beginning, we wanted to design a product that lets you take everything with you to cook and eat outside, while staying clean and practical to use.What next? Many people are involved at each design stage, 3D modelling, tests with experienced and novice users, lots of emotion and finally, a product that makes us proud: a "turn-key" cooking set, simple to carry and use so that you can use it stress-free in the outdoors.

A few words about food from our design team:

"When out hiking, one of our passions is cooking. Even outside, you can cook much more than just pasta. And why not pick your food during the hike. Finally, it’s easy to cook and that's what we wanted to achieve with this cooking set: we wanted to make hikers' lives easier. Food taste different when you eat outside. We appreciate dishes differently."

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