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ICE FRESH COMPACT 26 LITRE SOFT CAMPING/HIKER CAMPING ICE BOX : Designed for hikers or campers who would like an efficient (approx.1 day without ice blocks) and compact ice box.

The innovative design improves the ice box performance: preserves for 11 hours without ice blocks. It is pliable so can be placed anywhere and does not take up much room when stored.


Preserves food items for 11h* without blocks of ice *: EN 12546 certified test

Compact design

Easy to store!Deflate subsequent to use.


Adjustable strap Comfort pad to cushion shoulder Light: 1 kg

Ease of use

Storage pocket on outside.Easy wide zip opening

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Ice bag

Haven’t used it yet but was very pleased with the reviews so we are getting another one

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Certainly lives up to the hype!

We used our cooler bag to keep a fresh turkey cold while we stayed overnight for two days in a hotel near our daughter's home, because she didn't have room for it in her fridge. With it we also stored enough frozen packs of homemade stuffing and bread sauce for two days and a frozen pack of pigs in blankets, all with some freezer blocks to keep them cold. The freezer blocks were still frozen solid 48 hours later and the food kept beautifully in more or less the same condition in which we had first stored it, until we took it out to use or thaw. Most impressive!


Not yet put to use but it is so obviously a quality piece of kit. Inflates easily on it’s own and a couple of additional puffs make it firmer. It does fold away very easily as well. 26 litre capacity is more than ample and leaves room for ice blocks for our forthcoming long journey. Impressed.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Superb!! A five star product!

Used in France and Italy this summer and performed brilliantly. We used frozen water bottles as a cold reservoir (with a tea-towel lining the bottom, in case of condensation) and enjoyed cold coke, wine, water, cheese, ham, butter, etc... on picnics in 40 degree heat. I added a little more air via lungpower and there was never any overt sign of condensation on the exterior. Not sure that the ability to flatten for transportation /storage is important - fill it with stuff whilst travelling - I'm certainly leaving the valves open between use, as I would a self-inflating sleeping mat.

Seems to work!

better than an ordinary cool bag. We did use ice-packs because it was exceptionally hot. left in a hot tent and the milk was definitely cool still hours later- not freezing cold but better than it would have been. Tricky to get bag in the elastic to store- keeps inflating but not really an issue - we keep it in the box

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

I've had two of these since the 26l was the only size available. They are so much more effective than the conventional solid cool boxes it's incredible. I used these to store food when my friends and I go to music festival. I load them up with frozen bacon and sausages and a few ice packs, and the food is still frozen after three days. Cold drinks stay cold, fresh food stays fresh. Previously we were considering buying a gas powered fridge but with these amazing bags there's really no need. Also, once you've used up the food they pack down really small so use take up less space on the way home. Fantastic!

Does what it says on the tin!

Being first time campers with space issues, this was exactly what we were looking for Lightweight, flattens down for convenient travel, spacious and keeps things cool. Everything we hoped from a cool bag, no hesitation recommending this product.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

We bought this to try because it seemed very different from your usual plastic cool boxes or slightly padded bags, which are always a disappointment. This bag is incredible. We froze our bacon, sausages, and burgers, in addition to a big bottle of copella, milk, and water. Put in a few freezer blocks and then added some cider and beers from the fridge, and topped it off with some peppers and cheese. The water and juice is still frozen 36 hours later. The beers are colder than what they were when we put them in. We ate all of the meat though :( but I'm sure that would still be icy cold! It is worth the extra investment, especially if you're not looking for an electric one which needs to stay plugged in.

Kept cool for days

I bought this cool bag a few weeks ago to take camping. We had our first trip over the spring bank holiday weekend, Friday to Monday. The stuff was kept cool until Monday evening. We had put two cartons of frozen juice in the bag to keep everything else cool and they were still icy on Sunday. Really good product.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
What a find !

I've been looking for a decent ice cool bag for along time and I'm so pleased with this one ! It keeps food frozen for over a day . I use it to slowly defrost my dogs raw food .

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Excellent product and good value too!

Used on lengthy car journey and it kept food and drink nice and chilled for a few days.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

THE MUST HAVE IF U WANT TO KEEP 26 L FROZEN. WE DROVE DURING 4 h1/2. Everything was as it was when we took it out from the freezer

Brilliant & Flexible Cooler

Used this cooler for a camping weekend and amazed with the results. It is not only non-rigid meaning that you can pack more into it, but it kept everything cool for ages. Packed on Friday at 4pm and with a good level of ice, which was refreshed on Saturday afternoon, we were still drinking ice cool drinks on the way home on Sunday lunchtime. Was very surprised that this outdid a traditional cooler but this performed far better than our regular rigid coolbox we took with us on the same trip. We well investing the extra money in this product.



icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Surprisingly good results.

Purchased this to use in our camper van and did some initial testing on the first day of purchase. I placed 3 gel freeze sheets inside, along with a thermometer, in a room that had a constant temperature of 22 centigrade. The coo bag was opened a total of 4 times and the results where that after 6 hours temp was -7, then after 16 hours -5, after 24 hours 5 and then finally after 40 hours temp was 10 centigrade. Results could have been better if the cooler was full but it does give a good indication that this cooler is efficient enough to use for a whole day and maybe 2 with more ice packs/sheets. By the way the gel packs i used where the 6 x 5 sheet type that you soak in water to swell up, approx size 37 x 24 x 4mm thick. I would recommend this product as it does it's job as cooler, it is well made and it packs a way small if like us, you are struggling for space to leave one in a camper van. Overall a great new product at a good price.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polyurethane

Main fabric

  • 85% Polyester
  • 15% Polyurethane

Outer fabric

  • 75% Polyester
  • 25% Polyurethane


  • 20% Polyester


26 litres1 stretch net storage pocket on the outside. Very practical during use

Insulating capacity en 12546-2

This certified test is used to assess ice compartment performance without the need for an ice pack.It is completed by an external laboratory.Within an environment at 32°C, water at 5°C is placed inside the ice compartment. Then the time taken to reach 15°C is measured.In the case of this product, it took 11 h.Such performance, exceptional for an ice compartment, is owing to the innovative "ICE COMPACT FRESH" design.Such time can be extended where ice packs are added.


To use your cooler box:1/ unscrew the two valves and wait a few minutes.2/ you can increase insulation by blowing into the valves.3/ close both valves before use.


It is possible to significantly reduce the size of the ice compartment by folding it correctly.1/ Open both valves2/ close the zip on your product3/ set the cooler box on its back4/ grasp the sides of the cooler box with your hands5/ press to release the air.6/ flatten without releasing the sides7/ press down on the top to compress as much as possible8/ close the valves9/ tie up the whole bundle using the elastic band on the side of the product.


Very light, this ice compartment only weighs 1 kg.By way of a comparison, the classic rigid ice compartments weigh approximately 2.5 kg

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