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INFLATABLE TOURING KAYAK 1/2 PLACES : Our team of enthusiasts has developed this inflatable touring kayak for solo or tandem beginner kayakers for half-day trips

An inflatable kayak with two raised adult seats for good paddling comfort. Stable and reassuring. PADDLES AND PUMP NOT INCLUDED


For 1 to 2 people, up to a maximum of 150 kg (331 lbs).

Easy assembly / dismantling

Inflate in 7 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar)


Side tubes and a wide inflatable floor for good stability.

Glide performance

The patented bow shape gives the kayak good glide performance. 3 keels.

User comfort

Raised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling.

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brilliant kayak but the floor bladder let me down

bought this kayak 1 year a ago has done many memorable trips with it. sad that the floor bladder has failed with the seam failure. just realised it is a common problem with so many users with the same issue

Stuck on what rating to give

I bought this kayak in December 2020 and finally we’ve been blessed with some sunny weather here in West Wales meaning I could finally give this kayak a go on the coast. Firstly I’d like to say for anyone who has any doubts about getting an inflatable: there’s really no need. The quality of this product is brilliant and you can tell it’ll really last, it’s designed more for comfort and ambling along as opposed to racing around the coast at top speed HOWEVER the downfalls of this product are the clippable skegs; mine are completely stuck and can’t be removed for love no money. I’ve tried everything that’s advised (Vaseline, hot soapy water etc) and they won’t budge, meaning I can’t use the handy bag and the kayak is now folded up in the boot of my car with skegs still attached; not ideal when a big draw of this is being able to put it on your back easily to carry down to awkward but great kayaking spots. The fact that I can’t really carry the kayak anywhere and I’m now limited on where I can kayak and also not receiving a patch up kit with my item (as far as I can recall it was meant to come with one - could be wrong) is why I’ve chosen to give the 3 stars. If it wasn’t for this I would of happily given the product 5 stars.

Such a great kayak!

Love this kayak! Hugely recommend! Great quality and the best thing I’ve bought in a long time - may be a few more pounds than some others but so worth it and such an enjoyable piece of equipment

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Green kayak

I have been using it for 2 years now and never had a single problem. I really recommend this product

Itiwit is it!

A good quality kayak for fun on the water. Easy to carry, inflate, use and repack. As novice kayak users we have had no problems but lots of fun.

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Awesome fun

After lots of research and advice from a friend who had one, I bought this excellent piece of kit, very well made and in my opinion better quality than other brands of the same price range, used it about 8 times last year and loved it, cant wait for the summer. High quality, easy to clean and dry

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Beautiful looking kayaks inflated well. However the right chamber keeps deflating. Tried to call decathlon re the issue. No joy. So reply. Not impressed ....which is an absolute shame as I'm sure it's a fantastic kayak if it would stay inflated .

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Fun in the sea!

I've had this kayak for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoy it. It's great in calm water and reasonably stable in small waves. It takes under 5 minutes to pump up, attach the seats and slide the 3 fins in and then it's ready to go. The fins means it is easy to paddle in a straight line and there's plenty of room for two people. The only downside is that if you're paddling it solo then it's a bit wide and you have to lean out a bit further meaning the paddle stroke is less natural and a bit more tiring. However, it's not a deal breaker. Oh, you do need to take care folding it up otherwise it won't fit in the bag; the video explaining how to do it is worth watching. I'd recommend buying better quality 3-piece paddles than the Itiwit ones but the Itiwit pump is fine. Overall it's well made, a lot of fun and good value for money.


it comes with no paddles or pump. Ryanair school of business? you want paddles with your kayak... extra money.. you want to inflate it? extra money.. Okay fine.. But it should be really really clear when you buy this thing - that you dont get paddlles or a pump.


My wife and I purchased 1 each, really enjoying them, very stable in the sea and rivers, very simple and quick to inflate, we use a hand pump

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ITIWIT 2 inflatable floor

Unfortunately after a short time we had a problem with the bladder split at the seam , although we though the product was great I was very frustrated not being able to purchase one from decathlon and left a poor service review however i was contacted by Jerome because he was also concerned about the problem and offered to replace , i was very pleased to have a response but had very little hope of receiving the replacement however it came to day so great service does exist thank you all

Itiwit 2

I think mention should be made of the need for adaptors to connect pump to kayak or for them to be included in the pump package, I have had to order them separately which all takes time off the water!

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Itiwit kyak

Great fun had to wait for stock to come in but we got there all good go buy one there great fun

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Love it!!

New to kayaking. Tried a friends. Saw this kayak and loved the look. Used it twice in first yo days. Really easy to assemble. So sturdy and durable. Feel really safe a secure. Surprised didn’t come with paddles. Packs away so well. Love it!

Solid but with problems

Bought it 6 months ago, used about 10 times on a quite rivers in the UK. Pros: solidity, fabric outer layer provides good protection from nature. Of course is much slower than rigid kayaks or high pressure ones because is wider, BUT - with decent technique you can still do 25 km daily. Good tip: add some water under the floor - it reduces drag on water. It is exceptionally stable. Minuses: seats do not support back no matter what you do - they slip forward and you lean back, velcro cannot hold sits in their position. Secondly - it requires long time to dry - it is a trade off of having fabric protection. But overall - good product

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Additional Product informations


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester

Floor mat

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free

Inflation recommendations & precautions

Inflate the floor, then one of the side tubes, then the second one to 50%. Check the overall positioning of the chambers. Then inflate it all to 100% without exceeding 0.1bar (1.5psi).DO NOT OVERINFLATE!Fully close all the valves.Install the 3 keels, unless using on a river containing little water.In the event of EXTREME HEAT, slightly deflate the kayak out of the water to avoid overinflation, which could damage the kayak.Do not leave inflated in direct sunlight: risk of overinflation.

Care instructions

In the event of damage to one of the side chambers, open the side tube lengthways using the zip and remove the chamber.The floor can be uncovered by opening the Velcro fastenings.Example 1: the hole is in the side tube; you can use the repair kit to stick on a patch.Example 2: the hole is located along a seam; visit the workshop of a DECATHLON store to repair or exchange the bladder.

Easy to disassemble and fold

New carry bag, backpack style for short distances.Easy clip fins.Deflate the kayak by opening the 3 "Boston" valves.Fold the lateral tubes down onto the floor.Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valves to remove the air.Place the rolled-up kayak into the main compartment of the bag.Close the zip and tighten using the compression strap.

Seat comfort

The seats are high, providing increased comfort for adults in the paddling position.The seats are to be placed according to the number of persons on board, just behind of the markings printed on the floor.On the "2" markings (which therefore remain visible) when there are 2 persons on board. On the "1" marking when there is only one person on board.Ensure that you balance your load to optimise kayak performance.

Glide performance

Patented bow shape: the front and back ends provide good glide. The V-shaped front of the kayak enables smooth entry into the water.

Technical dimensions and weights.

INFLATED SIZELength: 340 cmWidth: 103 cmFOLDED & BAGGED SIZEHeight: 67 cmWidth: 44 cmThickness: 30 cmWeight: 14 kgMaximum pressure: 0.1 bar (1.5 PSI)Number of seats: 1 or 2 seatsContent: kayak, bag, repair kit, keelPUMP NOT INCLUDEDFor use with an Itiwit double-action hand pump with adapters

After-sales service

Spare parts are available for Itiwit kayaks from after-sales service. Visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store to collect or order some.Inflatable floor: reference 8390990Left bladder: reference 8309264Right bladder: reference 8309167

Directions for use.

We recommend that you use the product with a buoyancy vest.

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