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Men's Country Walking Shoes - NH500

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Men's Country Walking Shoes - NH500 : Our hiking designers created these environmentally-friendly NH500 shoes for your regular walks in the countryside or forest in dry weather.

Our motivation? To offer you leather walking shoes that are comfortable, have good grip, eco-designed and suitable for slightly uneven trails. Have it all without compromising on style!

A photo of the Men's Country Walking Shoes - NH500 in use


EVA outer sole with dual hardness to increase comfort on natural trails


Sole composition & design encourages grip and adhesion | 4 mm spikes


Enjoy this eco-designed product (31% of the shoe weight)

User comfort

“Derby” style & mesh gives freedom on the instep | 5 mm insole


Each shoe weighs only 378 g in size 43

Impact protection

Seamless stone guard at the forefoot for extra protection from stones


Sole design and 4 mm spike clears mud easily

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2689 reviews

Men's Country Walking Shoes - NH500
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Bring the old NH500 model back!

The old NH500 model was much better looking and also more durable and water proof...

Best value for Money

I walk approximately 10miles daily, and have over time destroyed expensive walking shoes/trainers/running shoes. Pairs lasting 6months maximum. These shoes have now walked nest part of 850miles and are showing no signs of wear. They are sturdy, well made a extremely comfortable. Will very definitely buy again.

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Summer Walking Shoe

Nicely designed exterior. Still new so need to break them in. Feet stay a little warm, could just be the weather.

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Shoe review

Excellent shoe for everyday walking, as expected from Decathlon good price and quality.

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A little flimsy

I'm sure that they will be fine, but the lack of stiffness in the footbed has taken a bit of getting used to. I've swapped out the very soft insole and replaced it with a full length stiffer orthotic and that's an improvement, but as walking shoes they aren't really very substantial. I bought them because the sole on my previous pair of walking shoes was worn down and quite slippery. I had expected these to have a more substantial grip, but while they are better, they are still quite slippery.

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Wanted to love these

I loved the look of these on the website and they were nicer still when they arrived at my house. However sadly they dont fit as they don’t come in full sizes, only half sizes. Too much space in the front meant the fabric rubbed on my toes and this would probably cause blisters which is not what you want from a walking shoe. Gutted


I found these a very comfortable shoe. I dont use these for hiking but everyday wear. Very comfortable and do not appear to mark easily. Another great product from Decathlon

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Rain and snow change it’s colour

Shoes itself great and comfy also I wanted a decent looking walking shoes. Although I knew it’s not waterproof but I assumed I can wear it when it rains and it’s snowy outside. So after yesterday the brown bit somewhere it’s darker and also lighter on the sides I thought when it dries out it will return to normal but it’s not. Also dyed my socks. After few weeks it’s just not a decent looking shoes anymore. Do Not use it when it rains if you want to keep its colour.

Men's hiking shoes

Very comfortable

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Very comfortable, durable shoes, good looking

I am into my second pair and i have already bought a third pair when I am done with the second. I walk daily around 15 to 20 kms around the city at the moment delivering packages and these shoes have proven to be very comfortable, durable (well over 1500 kms done and still plenty of sole life left on the second pair, similar on the first pair with a bit of a top mesh mishap tripping over branches and bushes) and aesthetically nice looking. They were marked as not waterproof but I have had no issue with rain and feet always stayed dry (of course if you would go feet deep in a puddle / pond it might be different but for walking around in light or even heavy rain I had no issue with water getting in). My first pair was the brown one (also my third pair in waiting), my current pair is the discontinued grey and black colour ones. Both very good. If any negative / comment it could be that the brown ones leather bit on the side discoloured slightly on rain exposure but that could be treated, the grey ones have not had this issue (which is nothing anyway). I wiIl buy them again (and done so already). Not so keen on the blue on blue and hope other colour combinations come around even if the brown ones look very smart and favourite so far.

Walking shoes

Very comfortable

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Beginner entry level walking shoes

My first ever pair of proper walking shoes. Lightweight, comfortable and waterproof. Great value

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Superb all round comfortable shoe

The most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Wear them at work all day and fit so well. Must be designed perfectly for my feet - 5 stars


These shoes are incredibly comfortable & grippy for the price, genuinely LOVE these, & was contemplating getting a second pair in a different colour... but have learned the hard way, DON'T GET THEM WET!! As in I was caught in rain & muddier conditions than expected, decided to wash them by hand in the bath, & the colour from the tanned leather just runs like wet paint!! It was EVERYWHERE, & they now look a bit poor, over-used & miss-coloured to say the least. Disappointed, which is a shame as absolutely loved these until this point. Still comfy, light & grippy, but NOT hard wearing it seems.

Excellent ..exceeded expectations

Bought second pair to wear our as first pair is for work....they are so comfortable and look good without the weight of a boot.

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Additional Product informations


Upper of

  • 60% Acrylic
  • 30% Polyester - Recycled
  • 10% Polyurethane

Outer sole of

  • 60% Acetate
  • 40% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester - Recycled

To reduce our environmental impact

On these shoes, we’ve chosen components that are more environmentally-friendly:- Natural, chrome-free leather- Upper (front of the shoe, tongue and top of the shoe): 100% recycled polyester- Tongue lining and collar: 100 % recycled polyester- Laces and loops: 100% recycled polyester- Inner sole: 85% recycled polyurethane foam and 100% recycled polyester lining- Outer sole: 30% recycled rubber

Grippy soles on natural footpaths

The sole’s design is the result of long research carried out in our labs. It is composed of a specific rubber formula which optimises grip and traction. Since not all needs are the same, we are always looking for the best solution to develop on loose, country trails such as unpaved forest paths.

Designed for use on country trails

Our walking shoes are designed for use on off-road trails. Indeed, we choose the components of the sole and upper of our boots and test them to ensure that they are ideally suited to walking on loose trails (e.g. unpaved forest paths) or rocky trails (e.g. rocky coastal paths). Road use (tarmac) may lead to premature wear on your boots and cause discomfort. They are not suitable for mountain walking.

Laboratory tested

Laboratory tests were also conducted to test the following elements: tearing eyelets and straps, gluing, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion resistance of outsole and upper components, accelerated ageing. These tests allow us to improve the quality of our products and prevent premature wear of our hiking shoes.

What is the origin of our leather?

We use a leather called nubuck. It has a soft, silky feel. The leather used in these shoes comes from cows. We do not kill any animals to obtain this leather: we only use leather waste from the agrofood industry. Leather for these shoes comes from French hide which is then tanned in Spain.

How to maintain your leather shoes?

After your hikes, we advise you to:- Leave your shoes to dry near a heat source- Brusquely brush, using a hard-bristled brush, the dry leather to remove any mud and dirt- Use a soft-bristled brush or nubuck eraser to remove any stains- If the stains are stubborn, clean them using a brush and a little warm water- Leave to dry- Brush again using a hard-bristled brush- Spray with a waterproofing product: this will make the leather shine and bring out the colours

How to choose the size of my walking boots?

Try on both shoes, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. Try on several models or sizes if necessary. Check two comfort points:- the heel seating- the front of the foot on a downward slopeAvoid any pressure points when fitting. Feel free to walk around the store. Gradually start using you shoes during your first few hiking trips to break them in.

The shoe/sock combination plays an important role

There are numerous causes of blisters when hiking: rubbing, a crease in the sock, moisture, a boot size that is too small or too big, etc. It is therefore important to choose the right size and to have socks made of the right material for your walking boots.

How to choose the size of my walking socks?

You need to choose the correct sock size for your feet to avoid any extra folds forming on the sock: these folds may form because the sock is too big and therefore there is too much material around your foot, or because the sock so small and is pulled towards the inside of your foot.

How to choose the fabric of my walking socks

You need to manage moisture as best you can when walking: you will sweat, it is often inevitable.If your shoe is breathable, it will wick away moisture from your perspiration. It is therefore necessary to choose a light and breathable sock as well. If your boots are relatively waterproof, you will not make the same choice to protect you from the moisture of the rain: you should prefer socks that will absorb your perspiration and then wick it away from your foot.

What pair of socks goes well with the nh500 shoe?

So, you should opt for the NH500 low or mid socks: they contain moisture-absorbing cotton and have a reverse terry-knit structure that wicks moisture away from your foot. They are high enough to protect your ankle from the shoe. It is an excellent combination to reduce the chance of blisters.


Our hiking boots are guaranteed for 2 years.Our commitment? To provide long-lasting products that you can use for all your country walks and strolls. Because the products we love the most are those which have shared great adventures with us and will continue to do so!

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