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Fitness 5-6-7 kg Short Elastic Rubber Bands Tri-Pack - Turquoise/Burgundy/Black

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A photo of the Fitness 5-6-7 kg Short Elastic Rubber Bands Tri-Pack - Turquoise/Burgundy/Black in use

Fitness 5-6-7 kg Short Elastic Rubber Bands Tri-Pack - Turquoise/Burgundy/Black : We created these resistance bands for all-over strength training with equipment that won't take over your home.

You'll love: - The space-saving design - The versatility - The 3 resistance levels You'll be wild about: The excellent value for money!


Vary the areas you work, from your thighs to your bum, arms, back and abs!

Compact design

Light, compact elastic bands that can be stored and taken anywhere!


3 levels of resistance to progress with you and your exercises!

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Fitness 5-6-7 kg Short Elastic Rubber Bands Tri-Pack - Turquoise/Burgundy/Black
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Just what you need

Really good value. Sometimes they slip but I think that's the same with any bands. After about 6 months they get a bit slack, but marginally. And since they're not expensive, buying a new pair when that happens is totally fine!

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Good kit

Good sixe and resistance.

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Good for stretching

Adds tension to stretching exercise.

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It always rolls up every time I squat etc which is very annoying as I spend more time trying to make it flat on my thighs than actually working out. The material also collects dust extremely easily. Wouldn’t recommend.

The best

I use the bands when doing work outs.

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Great product

Good product which deliver exercise. Very versatile.

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Nice set of elastic bands

I am using this set of elastic bands as part of my physiotherapy, to recover from an injury to my ankle. The bands work well and have 3 different strengths, light medium and hard. I have been using them during the past months and so far did not notice any sign of consumption in the material. Please keep in mind that these are short bands, so consider your needs before buying. They worked for me.

Just the ticket!

I use these before I go out for a run to loosen off my legs, very good bands at a great price

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Mini Latex Sports Elastic Bands Three-Pack NYAMBA

Good excercise for my painful from hip to knee.

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The blue one lasted less than 2 months

The blue one lasted less than 2 months while using it once or twice per week.

Snapped and bruised my leg

Bought these whilst working away, only used a handful of times (black one) used the purple one today for the first time as it has the less resistance and it snapped leaving a great big mark on my leg... not so elastic!

You get what you pay for !

The blue band snapped after a couple of months usage (twice a week) & the purple one now has a tear it in, so unusable. Will just spend the money & hopefully get better quality elsewhere.

Snapped after 2 weeks of workout

Unfortunately doesn`t last long. After 2 weeks it has snapped at perforation. Its cheap but would pay abit more for a long lasting tool. Disappointed.

Already snapped

Unfortunately one has already snapped. Got a few weeks of good use out of them to realise they’re a great workout tool and will be buying again just not from decathlon.

Not worth it at all

They don't stay in place at all and they curl every single time you slightly move, making exercising painful and frustrating.

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Thanks a lot for giving us your opinion on  Mini Rubber Resistance Bands Three-Pack. It's always painful read such a bad experience with one of our products. Good news is that your feedback is very valuable to us and we are actually working on a better quality bands pack. If you want, here we have our full offer of resistance bands: . Hope you can find the one that suits your workout
Kind regards

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Main fabric

  • 100% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex

Which band should you use?

Are you just starting to do strength training? Then give these mini bands a go. Sold in packs of 3 bands of varying resistance. These three levels of difficulty give you a gentle introduction to your exercises while gradually strengthening your entire body. They are compact, affordable and easy to transport so you can use them anywhere: at home, at the gym, on your travels, etc.LOW 5kg/11lbMEDIUM 6kg/13.2lbHIGH 7kg/15.4lb

What exercises can you do with the mini bands?

Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right?Take a look at the poster below:$954c41bcaeae98b214ed028efda79ed1/fiche%20miniband%20a4.pdf(Copy and paste the link in your web browser)Download our poster on your smartphone or print it out to gain access to a dozen free exercises developed by qualified sports coaches!

Why is resistance training so effective?

Using the elastic bands increases effectiveness without risking damage to your joints.The resistance increases gradually throughout the exercise. At the start of the movement, there is minimal tension but then as you tire the resistance increases.Slim your figure and get even more out of your training by varying the intensity of your exercises and playing with the length and width of the band


For more resistance during your workout, you can layer your bands one over the other!


Length 2x25cm Width 4cm Thickness 0.7mmLength 2x25cm Width 4cm Thickness 0.9mmLength 2x25cm Width 4cm Thickness 1.1mm

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