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RUNNING WRIST HEART-RATE MONITOR WATCH KIPRUN GPS 550 : Our running designers developed this GPS watch so you can track your sessions, giving you all the tools you need to attain your goals

Simple to set, whatever type of training you're doing: time intervals, distance, pyramid, at the targeted zone, etc. Enjoy the 8 pre-recorded training sessions.


Parameter measurement

Track your steps, distance, speed/pace, heart rate on your wrist, swimming


Unlimited options for interval training: time, distance, pyramid, target zone


See your sessions on your smartphone. Strava-compatible


10 h in GPS mode, 7 h in GPS+GLONASS mode, 5 days in watch mode.


Waterproof for swimming on the surface (5 ATM)


Compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart-rate monitor belt

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Great, cheap running watch

I really like the watch. Allows me running without my phone. Connects to the heart belt. Stays on the batter almost a week. Slim design, very comfortable even to sleep with. I noticed, that on the Black Friday that price was increased and then "discounted". I bought the watch for £69.99, no discounts.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Works well

Looks good and works well

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Appalling product

My issues with this are accumulating the more I use it. Initial impression was one if disappointment at the quality, but stuck with it in hopes that functionality would win the day. It quickly became apparent that despite advertising it is supported by strava on the box (the reason I bought it) it isn’t. The app out connects to strava, but not the device Itself. Bit misleading id say. More niggles emerge the more I used the watch (e.g not transferring data properly with Apple health) until the biggest most unforgivable issue occurred, which almost resulted in the watch being catapulted into the failed to record my PB as it should have over a 5k workout. I saved and exited at the end and suddenly the result is nowhere to be seen. This almost tipped me over the edge... it doesn’t function as described and I’m taking it back.

Firmware update

Where can i get the firmware update file for the Kiprun 550 ? I tried an update using file OM900-FW.BIN but that has turned my watch into a KIPRUN 500 WITH THE HEART RATE FUNCTION.

2 months with KIPRUN 550

If your Looking for a value for money running watch then theirs not too much to fault with this. Signal lock time similar to Garmin, never lost lock on runs. The only issue I find is that the HR accuracy seems to be related to how sweaty my wrist is and goes to around 95bpm, i wrap up warm with gloves, it may be better in summer. Map accuracy and distance similar to Strava data, which is good enough for me. Also a good for people with small wrists

Not great

I received this watch as a gift from colleagues as a leaving gift. I was initially impressed with the data given during exercise but have since found a number of frustrations with this watch. The step counter is more or less useless as it doesn't seem to track with any real accuracy as it consistently comes up way under my phones step counter when worn for a day and checked over the course of an exercise (walk etc...). The GPS takes a long time to find signal and sometimes drops out meaning the data is not accurate. in terms of accuracy I find it comes out with inconsistent results for my regular running routes with the distance varying by hundreds of meters between different occasions on the same route. When I look back upon the data after my runs I can see how inaccurate it is for tracking your route as it shows routes being some way off of what I have actually run. I have connected the watch my Strava account and once routes are uploaded onto there the distance quite often changes again suggesting it is not particularly accurate. It is a real shame as I initially enjoyed using the watch so gave it the benefit of the doubt and now 6 months down the line I am more frustrated with it than happy and am looking at getting something else that really works. I would return this but as it was a gift I do not have receipts of purchase etc...


Takes ages to find a gps signal, battery life is erratic and having owned this device for ten days it has decided to freeze whilst trying to connect to my phone so I will be returning it as soon as possible. You’d be better off spending more and get a reliable Garmin.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback and I am sorry to hear that the watch was not functioning correctly. I trust you have been able to return this item in store.


OK, but...

Wrist optical HR monitor works, but bluetooth cardiac belt dont work. I have HR belt also from Decathlon, compatible, but it rarely connects and always show value 0bpm. Very dissapointed as it says it is compatible. The watch has the latest firmware. Other issue: sometimes dont lock on GPS signal, it has to be reset, then finds the GPS immediately. It wold be also fine, if I can export .GPX file directly from watch to PC, but it is impossible. You have to be online, syncronise with Decathlon Connect, then go to Decathlon Coach and there export to .GPX

小巧 便宜但不失規格

擁有良好的校對性 GPS不偏差 可以很迅速的反應 價格便宜且適合初學的使用者

Good product


icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
great gps watch


icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Dont Buy This

Never buy this .. As it doesn't even get sync in decathalon app.. No use In using this .. Even cost is too high... Really disappointed with this purchase...

does not support iOS

This is my second replacement watch and it does not support iOS. At least mention it on your website. Total scam

Excellent Working

Have been using this watch to track running, cycling and indoor running as well. 1) the gps is very accurate 2) heart rate monitor is equally good 3) the watch can track distance in indoor mode even while I am running on treadmill If anyone wants a beginner watch with features only pertaining to training, this is the best value for money

Good product

I can leave my phone at home. This watch will save all the data and I can sync to Decathlon apps.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Dear Rahmat Sadik,greetings from Decathlon! Firstly, thank you so much for sharing your kind words and great review with us. It means the world to us and to our entire team! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.Stay loyal to Decathlon and please let us know if there is anything else we can improve on in the future. We are very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come. Thank you once again for your time and we hope to serve you again soon!

Muhammad Aqkil

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Additional Product informations


Outer shell

  • 90% Polycarbonate
  • 10% Glass - Mineral

Inside room

  • 80% PCBA
  • 20% Liquid Cristal Display


  • 90% Silicon
  • 10% Stainless Steel

Measure your activities

Stopwatch: instant, lap, previous lap | Speed: instant, average lap and previous lap, VO2 Max percentage by lap and previous lap | Pace: instant, average lap and previous lap | Distance: total, lap and previous lap | Heart rate: instant and in max heart rate percentage | Heart rate zone indicator | Number of steps: total, lap and previous lap | Calories | Time

Track pool swimming (with a watch update)

Track your pool swimming activities with your watch, using an update available from 10 December 2020. Your watch will then be able to count the number of lengths and display the distance covered and your average swimming pace.The GPS 550 watch tracks lengths for breast-stroke, crawl, back-stroke, butterfly-stroke and also kickboard lengths.

Gps and glonass technologies

The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch can detect GPS and GLONASS satellites. With a great many satellites at its disposal, it's very quick to pick up the signal and offers more precision in mountainous environments.

Measure your heart rate on your wrist

You no longer need a waistband to measure your heart rate while you're running! The KIPRUN GPS 550 monitors your heart rate directly at the wrist during exercise or over the whole course of the day. In order to offer you one of the most reliable sensors on the market, we've chosen to use the latest Philips sensor technology.

Tracking daily activity

Track your daily activity with the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch: number of steps, calories, distance, active time.Set a daily goal and try to reach your activity objectives day by day.

Unlimited possibilities for programming training sessions

Simple to set,whatever type of training you're doing: Time intervals, distance, pyramid, at the targeted zone, etc. We designed this watch to give you total freedom in configuring your training sessions.Once configured, your training sessions are saved in the watch memory. We've even supplied 8 of our favourite training sessions: 10 x 30'/30', 5 x 1000, pyramid etc.

Pace setter mode

Pace setters take you through a race at a set pace and help you cross that finish line, often helping you outdo yourself. But since not everyone has a pace setter available for their own pace, we've put one in the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch. Select your race distance and your target, then let the pace setter guide you: your watch will give you your ETA in real time and tell you whether you're ahead of your target time or not.

Ultra light - ultra compact

You will hardly notice you're wearing the KIPRUN GPS 550 watch during your sessions because it is only 14.8 mm thick and weighs only 41 g

New decathlon connect app

Transfer data from your KIPRUN GPS 550 watch via Bluetooth Smart technology, and instantly view your sessions on your smartphone using the Decathlon Connect app (available on iOS and Android).- View your daily activity (number of steps, distance, calories, active time)- Analyse your sessions: mapping, speed curve, pace, heart rate and altitude, analysis of transition times- Track your progression thanks to the stats

Enjoy compatibility with strava, garmin health, fitbit, apple health and samsung health

Do you want to transfer your sessions to other applications or recover your history? The Decathlon Connect app is compatible the Strava, Garmin Health, Fitbit, Apple Health and Samsung Health services. This will connect your watch to your favourite services in the blink of an eye.

Battery life

Enjoy a 10-hour battery life in GPS mode thanks to the latest update.How do you update your watch?And how do you chage it? Your watch is compatible with 5 V - 1 A chargers and travel chargers thanks to its micro USB/USB cable (included) and recharges completely in 2½ hours.

Waterproof when swimming on the surface

Your watch can be worn when swimming on the surface or taking a shower thanks to its 5 ATM waterproof rating.

Automatic lap time

Input your desired distance and automatically see your lap time thanks to the automatic lap time function.

Automatic pausing and restarting of the session

The session pauses automatically when you stop and restarts when you resume your run thanks to this function, which can be activated and deactivated.

Multisport mode

The KIPRUN GPS 550 now features a multi-sport mode!Choose your sport at the start of the session: the information on the screen will be tailored automatically to the chosen sport: running, cycling, trail, walking, indoor sport, outdoor sport, hiking.

Compatible with the bluetooth smart heart rate belt

The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch is also compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor belts.

Measuring of your heart rate at the wrist

The KIPRUN GPS 550 watch constantly measures your heart rate instant by instant and pins down your resting heart rate. You can therefore keep a constant watch on your fitness.Your heart rate zones are automatically adjusted according to your resting heart rate in order to optimise your training and avoid injury.


We know that your personal records are worth gold. That's why the KIPRUN GPS 550 automatically detects your records and saves them in the memory. As soon as you beat a record, the watch congratulates you.

Customize your watch

Choose between 3 types of time display: sports, city or analogue.

Customise your activity screens

The KIPRUN GPS 550 can display up to 3 informations per screen and there are up to 5 screens available.

Change the wrist strap in the blink of an eye

Easily replace your wrist strap without the need for tools thanks to its removable clip system.

Size and dimensions

Width of wrist strap: 21 mmSuitable for wrists of diameter 155 to 210 mm

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