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Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B

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A photo of the Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B in use

Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B : Our teams developed this buoyancy compensator with back buoyancy and two releasable weight pockets for freedom of movement during your dives.

A back-buoyancy compensator for scuba diving, developed by our teams. The level of buoyancy at the back will not hinder your freedom of movement when diving.


Back buoyancy only: 140 N in size S/M


7 rings, 2 hose holders, 2 releasable weight pockets + 2 fixed, access pocket


2.99 kg in size M


Available in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL). Adjustable-length waist strap

Abrasion resistance

Outer fabric material: 600d polyester.Bladder fabric: Polyamide 420

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32 reviews

Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B
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Well designed, Comfortable

Has adjustable cumberband, with modern style velcro, so no more fur collecting reducing its grip, & gives a comfortable fit, feels stirdy & robust, weight pockets will hold a 2kg & 1kg block & feels very comfortable, has standard style latch to hold them in place. D rings are nicely placed, cylinder strap grips well. Inflator & dump valves operate in a very nice controlled manor. Light weight for travelling, so back to Malta & the Red Sea My previous 4yr old Decathlon BCD, that I had throughout my training, (used & abused) is still going strong, but wanted to upgrade to back inflation style, My height 175cm, 75kg, (inc beer belly)

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i am an instructor with SSI, and i recently got to use the BCD, SCUBA DIVING BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR WITH BACK BUOYANCY SCD 500 B, and i have surprisingly impressed by it, unlike conventional back inflated BCD , this doesn push me to fall forward when on the surface

Hi George.,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the  Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B. I am glad that this product has been working well for you and that you love it.

At Decathlon, our mission is to make sports accessible for the many. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are made to satisfy our users. 

Feel free to write a review on other Decathlon products and I hope to see you in our store soon!



Trial Run in Open Water

Was given a chance to try out the latest BCD from Decathlon (Subea) in Open Water. Appreciate Anderson and team that made it happen. Initially I had some reservation given that Decathlon targeted market was for mass public. Thus the quality may likely go on par with the price (in some products). Also most people will go towards the better established brands in Scuba Diving. To my surprise, the quality of the BCD surpassed my expectation especially the workmanship and design of it. It was a hybrid of jacket and wing BCDs. Usage is quite at ease in terms of putting onto tank, insertion of weights, fixing up with regulator etc When it was used in Open Water, the BCD wrapped around your body as if it was worn like clothing. Working on the clips, hooks etc were not difficult too. With all the above pros on the BCD, one may wonder if there is any cons. In term of personal preference, I would prefer to have a smaller bladder to have a better wrap around your body. Now it seems that I am carrying a big shell over my back.

Hello Richard,

Thank you very much for your valuable review on one of our most technical scuba diving product.

I'm delighted to read that the SUBEA BCD 500 B surpassed your expectations.

Yes indeed, at Decathlon we make all sports accessible for the many by making our products very affordable. However, we really care of the quality and durability too.

This BCD is designed to be comfortable, easy to use and light weight, it's very nice to know that it fits the purpose.

Thank you also for the feedback about the bladder size, we'll try to consider it without compromising the lift that the BCD should provide.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more details about our scuba diving equipment.

Have a great day.

Make bubbles & smile

Fabrice, Omnichannel Sport Leader: Diving | Snorkelling | Free Diving


All good, however, no chance to use yet.

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Hi Meng Yeow!

Thank you for taking the time to send us a feedback. Unfortunately, with the current situation that the world is facing, our activities are very limited. So, I feel you bruh!

With that said, lets hope things will get better soon!

Stay safe and don't forget to mask up!

P A D D L E O U T!


Watersports Sports Advisor

Jsem spokojen akorad mi tam chybi mezinozn.popruh.

Chybi mi u tohoto zbozi mezinozni popruh jinac spokojen

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unschlagbarer Preis für super Wing

bin mit meinen Kauf sehr zufrieden. Bestellung/ Lieferung funktionierte problemlos. Tragekomfort ist viel besser als bei einer normalen Tarierweste.

super Weste

Ich besitze und tauche die Weste seit September 2019. Sie ist super angenehm zu tragen, sehr leicht und bietet einen starken Auftrieb. Die Lage mit der Weste ist immer stabil, auch Rückenlage und Drehungen sind ohne Anstrengung möglich. Beim Fotografieren sehr von Vorteil. In diesem Preissegment wird man keine angenehmere Weste finden. Salz- und Süßwasser sind kein Problem.

Klasse Tarierweste

Super Weste. Hatte vorher ein Masterjacket. Jetzt brauche ich keinen mehr, der mir beim Anziehen hilft. Bleitaschen sind gut zu belegen - rasten toll ein. Die Tasche zum Verstauen von Ersatzmaske und Taschenlampe reicht für mich aus. Halterung sind genug vorhanden. DTG lässt sich sehr gut befestigen. Das Ding ist einfach nur genial.

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Chaleco completo a un precio inmejorable

Sinceramente, el chaleco de flotabilidad dorsal Subea 500B me ha sorprendido positivamente. Tras llevármelo a una serie de inmersiones a +30m y en sitios de acceso limitado como túneles y cuevas (zona Eden Roc, St Feliu de Guíxols), puedo asegurar que ha cumplido sobradamente con su cometido. De hecho, tiene detalles de chalecos de rango de precio muy superior, como el bolsillo en el lado derecho, la cantidad de anillas en D, los dos clips para sujetar latiguillos con los que viene de serie, la sensacional comodidad del backpack e incluso lo bien que van los bolsillos de lastre integrado, que a diferencia de modelos de otras marcas, se deslizan bien en su compartimento cargados y con el chaleco equipado. En el agua se comporta muy bien, permitiendo una cómoda y eficaz posición horizontal/trimado, el hinchado es suave y el vaciado a través de sus válvulas también, aunque en mi caso hubiese preferido que la válvula de purga inferior posterior estuviese en la cara exterior del saco, aunque esa es una preferencia personal. En definitiva, si lo que estás buscando es un chaleco todo-terreno que pueda llevarte a casi cualquier lugar con seguridad y eficacia, el SCD 500B es para ti. Joel Ingalaturre

manque de place pour…

manque de place pour ranger du matériels . je n'ai pas utilisé le gilet .

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Mon premier gilet à…

Mon premier gilet à flottabilité dorsale après plus de 2.000 plongées parfait très facile d’utilisation très agréable dans l’eau et équilibrage parfait. Rapport qualité prix au top.

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Très bon rapport qualité…

Très bon rapport qualité prix pour ce gilet. Bon volume, léger, inflation a 50m correct, poches a plomb avants arrières suffisantes. Points à améliorer: largeur du scratch ventral un peu trop juste(obligation de réglage lors de changement de combinaison, rigidité de la ceinture entre la poche a plomb et le back pack(tendance a tourner sur elle même lors de l'habillage), tuyau annelé un poil plus long.

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Après quelques plongées avec…

Après quelques plongées avec ce matériel, je donne mon avis : Stab dorsale de bonne facture à première vue, il y a cependant quelques points à améliorer tels que : le scratch qui maintient le flexible et l'inflateur à la bretelle (beaucoup trop bas pour pouvoir utiliser la purge lente facilement), purge rapide pas très rapide. Mais le gros point qui empêche une utilisation sereine, c'est la sangle qui maintient le back-pack au au reste de la stab. Il ne cesse de sauter, rendant le bloc instable dans n'importe quelle position en plongée, les déplacements avec le blocs sont compliqués sur terre... peut-être un défaut sur la mienne ? Je pense la retourner à décathlon...

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Comment trouver la réponse

A quoi sert la vis sur l'insuflateur du DS ?

Excellent produit Je ne la…

Excellent produit Je ne la sens pas dans l'eau, elle est legere et mes bras libres de tous mouvements

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Additional Product informations


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyamide

Type of bcd

The SUBEA diving buoyancy compensator SCD 500B is a "back buoyancy" BC: the volume of air is on the back only. This allows for a better balance in the water and completely frees your arms. No more air volumes on the sides that can hinder movement under and out of the water.The SCD 500B harness is separate from the bladder, so you don't feel the pressure when the BC is inflated.

Ease of use

The BC has a dump valve that helps stop water getting into the bladder: a valve located under the upper drain and the lower drain prevents water from entering when the valves are activated.The choice of the shape and the colour of the purge pull tabs also makes for an easier grip.The buckles on the straps allow for easy and accurate adjustment thanks to their shape and size.

Weight system

The SCD 500B BC has two releasable weight pockets on the sides, complete with a neon yellow quick-release buckle. Capacity: 3 kg each.It also has two back pockets (located on the cylinder strap) that can each support 2 kg.

Accessories to attach and store your equipment

six carry rings: one 3D anodised ring on the left shoulder and two on the right, two 3D anodised rings at the hips and two PVC rings on the stomach.Comes with two hose holder hooks.The chest strap has a built-in whistle to call for help on the detachable accessories pocket that can be adjusted to the right or left to transport a few small accessories, such as a mask, or a surface marker.

Carrying comfort

Available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL). The stomach strap is adjustable in length for all body sizes: there is a rip-tab system at the back for it for a snug fit.For added comfort, SUBEA design teams have developed reinforced back padding on the back of the buoyancy compensators, to cushion the tank. The braces are also padded and made of 3D mesh for greater suppleness on the shoulders.

Sizes and buoyancy

The Subea SCD 500 B BC is available in two sizes:S/M buoyancy = 140 N (15 L steel tank)L/XL buoyancy = 210 N (15 L steel tank)SUBEA BCDs meet the standard EN 1809: 2014 + A1 2016(latest version of the standard). They are certified by the INPP (French professional diving institute) in Marseilles, France.

Product composition

SUBEA buoyancy compensators are made of high-quality materials that have been tested in seawater and in pools.Outer fabric material: 600d polyester.Inflatable chamber fabric: 420D polyamide with PU laminate.The size label is always visible on the compensator’s collar.Supplied with a direct system hose.

Maintenance advice

1/ Rinse your buoyancy compensator thoroughly with clean water. Pay particular attention to the drains and the inflater. 2/ Empty any water that may be contained in the buoyancy compensator by pulling the lower drain tab. Do not store water in the inflatable bladder.3/ Dry your buoyancy compensator on a wide hanger, out of the sun.Inspect your buoyancy compensator once a year and look for any signs of wear. Inflate the inflatable chamber by mouth, then wait 12 hours to see if it deflates.

Servicing buoyancy compensators

Your buoyancy compensator must be inspected and serviced by a certified SUBEA centre at least every two years, and more often if you are a frequent diver.After Sales Service:

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