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Skiing and Snowboarding Mask

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Even the lowest priced masks have a dual lens to reduce fogging and guarantee good visibility in bad weather

This ki mask helps you see better in snow and fog thanks to its essential anti-fog, dual lens. 100% UV protection.

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Sale price: Dhs. 59.00

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Product Features

A photo of the Skiing and Snowboarding Mask in use

Sun protection

100% anti-UV Yellow lens so you can see the terrain when it is snowing/in fog


Essential anti-fogging, dual lens with anti-fogging treatment

Field of vision

Wraparound lens with essential field of vision

User comfort

Ergonomic foam


40 mm wide elastic


1 buckle to adjust the length of the elastic


Perfect fit for Wedze helmets

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Skiing and Snowboarding Mask
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OK but I couldn't get on with the yellow colour

Yellow colour made it nearly impossible to read the snow meaning everything arrived as a surprise.

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Unbelievable value for what is a quality product! Wide band with nice graffix, great vision in a variety of conditions. For a cheap pair of goggles to sit on top of your helmet and look good you can’t go wrong.

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Good value

Used for snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling and allowed great protection from the cold and snow spray without compromising visibility.

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Great value

Although these goggles haven’t seen much action they have performed well when used.

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Fantastic value

I bought these as I was fed up of poor visability on a bad day. These gave a bright brighter view ,fitted well ,didn't mist. They do a great job and you can wear small framed glasses underneath also.I did once

Small goggles

Happy with product, ideal for a child.

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£8 for a ski mask!!!!

Bought as a spare for a family ski holiday. Worn daily On Top of Glasses (OTG) slight misting up that was user error. Dont buy a mask in Switzerland - buy in Decathlon.

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Great value goggles and fast delivery

I needed a cost effective pair of goggles for low light conditions as we saw the forecast was for a few days of grey cloud. These were less than £10 and they delivered within 3 days.

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Great Goggles!

I bought these goggles as a panic buy as my old poor weather goggles broke, these were the only bad weather ones in stock at my local store, yes they are basic and the foam is a little flimsy and thin - valid point. But I took these to Austria with all the snow they had this year and they worked perfectly, they didn't fog, they were perfect, I was shocked to be honest at how well they performed in the poor conditions - especially when they only cost £7.99.

Good product

Nothing to add - good for price yet to be used

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Perfect price for beginners

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Hi Stacie,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your product experience. We truly appreciate your feedback.


We would really appreciate it if you could also drop us a google review, it will help others find out about our store easily: 


Wishing you a fantastic day :)


Decathlon Brampton Team

Too tight around nose

First of all, those are the best goggles you can buy for just C$15. Unfortunately, they fit very badly around my nose, with the foam pushing in my nostrils so far that it was hard to breathe. I had to fix that by cutting away a significant amount of foam in the nose area, which was surprisingly easy and made them fit perfectly. The cheap single-layer foam was actually an advantage here, as I would not have been able to cut the better triple-layer foam well. The glasses did not fog up at all during the first few hours of my trip and only started fogging up after my lunch break (temperature difference).

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Hi Corbin,

Thank you for the detailed feedback about these goggles. We are always looking to improve, and your comments are very helpful! :)

Great inexpensive goggles

I already have a pair of these. Love them. Bought these as back up and as general use for the family

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Hi Sue,

That is great news, we are so glad to hear you're enjoying your purchase. Thank you for your review, we hope you have a great day! 💙

Not wide enough to accomodate sunglasses an eye gl

Not wide enough to accomodate sunglasses an eye glasses. Glasses frame doesn't fit in due to the short width of the goggles. They should be wider so that the foam doesnt bother the edge of eyes/eyelids and shouldn't block from wearing glasses.

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Hello Fawad,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you had some difficulties with the design of those goggles and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will share this feedback with our design teams.

Please don't hesitate to bring back the goggles if you wish to find a better fit or just return them.

We hope to see you again very soon!

Have an amazing day.

Decathlon Calgary Team

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Additional Product informations


Exclusive of elastic (only of US)

  • 36% Rubber - Synthetic
  • 33% Polyamide
  • 31% Polyester


  • 60% Polycarbonate
  • 40% Cellulose Acetate


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • 100% Polyurethane

Uv protection

Because UV rays are harmful to eyes, all our goggles are certified 100% ANTI UV by the EN 174 standard. Masks are the best protective solution as they perfectly enclose the eyes preventing any direct or reflected UV light from entering

Fog s1 lens

S1 FOG is a light lens for seeing better in bad weather, fog or snow. We have selected a lens with a yellow tint to improve terrain visibility in bad weather, but it is still low in these weather conditions. You must be careful and not place yourself in danger in unknown and hazardous areas.The screens are not scratch resistant.

Essential anti-fogging

The "ESSENTIAL" anti-fogging is a dual lens with treatment on the inside of the inner lens.To provide good ventilation inside the mask, do not block the ski mask vents, with a neck warmer, for example.Do not rub inner surface of lens but dab it carefully in order to preserve the anti-fogging treatment for as long as possible. Dry the mask thoroughly every night.

Double lens

Goggles with dual screen to reduce condensation. Indeed, the air that is trapped between the two lenses creates a layer of thermal insulation. The thermal shock between the inside and the outside of the mask is lower and therefore fogging slows down on the mask's inner lens. To complement this, the inner lens is also given an anti-fog treatment.

Wraparound lens

Wraparound dual lens, made of polycarbonate for the outer lens and cellulose polycarbonate for the inner lens, both cut to fit the shape of the mask.

Essential field of vision

there is vertical and horizontal field of vision. The G 100 has an "ESSENTIAL" field of vision, giving good, safe visibility on the sides.

Ski helmet compatibility

All Wedze ski goggles are designed to fit perfectly with Wedze ski helmets.

Compatibility with prescription glasses

The padded sides and the shape of the mask skirt leave space for the side-arms of prescription glasses. The G 100 ski mask in size L allows for the use of prescription glasses with a maximum width of 135 mm.


40 mm high Polyamide, Polyester and rubber elastic.

Ce - en 174 and ansi standard

The EN 174 Standard is a European standard applicable to goggles used for eye protection when downhill skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding. The ANSI standard is the American standard, more stringent than the European standard when it comes to resistance to shocks and impact.These skiing goggles pass both these standards

To avoid fogging

Moisture causes fogging. You must therefore make sure that the foam does not get damp, e.g. by placing the goggles on a wet helmet or a hat. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. This is why you must always correctly dry your ski mask overnight to get rid of all traces of damp and go skiing again the following day with a thoroughly dry mask.

2 sizes

The mask size is chosen according to the head sizeUp to 55 cm, choose size S (previously S/M), from 56 cm up, choose size L (previously L/XL)

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