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SPD-Compatible Clipless Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

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Our 500 clipless flat pedals are made from aluminium for adults doing recreational or sport mountain biking, or indoor cycling.

With one flat side and one clipless side, the combination pedals can be used with all sorts of bikes: recreational or sport mountain bikes; hybrid bikes; road bikes; and exercise bikes.

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Sale price: Dhs. 170.00

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Product Features

A photo of the SPD-Compatible Clipless Flat Mountain Bike Pedals in use

Ease of use

Instantly change use by simply switching to the other side of the pedal


Flat side: foot stability when riding for work or pleasure.


Weight: 407 g the pair

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SPD-Compatible Clipless Flat Mountain Bike Pedals
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Ideal and as expected

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Geat value but may require adjustment!

These pedals seem excellent value as an intro pedal for trying SPD cleats, particularly as the cleats are included! However, the pair I bought showed a common trait of pedals at Decathlon - overtightened bearings. Fine if you have the ability to strip the pedal and rectify this, otherwise make sure you try each spindle for smooth, easy turning and if it is not, take the pedals to an assistant and ask to have their bike tech sort them - maybe that way Decathlon will do something about this persistent problem! Cleat spring settings were also jam-tight but should anyway be adjusted to suit you, slacken off then adjust up as needed.

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Look great, feel high quality - but bearings....

These are a huge disappointment. They were exactly what I needed for a new road bike that I'd also like to be able to ride in normal shoes. However the bearings are *appalling*. One is stiff, and the other barely moves. I've fitted them to the bike and don't notice when riding, but I know it's wasting energy, and don't think they'll last long in that state. Will be returning when I get a chance.

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Good replacement for the standard platform pedals.

Have never used such pedals before, but thought they could be good on my gravel bike. The option of having them with clips and as platforms seemed appealing. Bought those rather than similar Shimano ones as they are much lighter. They may not be very heavy duty, but are certainly fit for the purpose and so far they have been fine. The springs tension may need some re-setting at the outset to suit. They work well with my ST 100 Mountain Bike Shoes which I bought at the same time.

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Pedal power

Great and love the fact I can be clipped in or lose and just free pedalling.

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pedals not too good.

Bough a pair of these to replace similar that were getting old, they feel cheap and have been assembled badly, one would not spin and the other was stiff so i had to dismantle them and loosen them off but even then they are not smooth, i think they use square ball bearings, if you can afford it go for something better, if you are prepared to take them apart and reassemble them and you want to go cheap and nasty then these are ideal but the best place for them is the bin.


These pedals are well made but that does make them a bit heavy. Ok I know they are not road race gear but still, compared with equivalent Shimano pair I have on another bike they are not light. Also they need some disassembly to be able to adjust the tension for the clip in/out action. However, my main issue is with the bearings, which are as stiff as a stiff thing. I had hoped they would wear in, but they haven't yet... Overall, spend a bit more and get the Shimano ones.

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Hi there Paul

We appreciate the feedback from yourself on this product and I am very sorry to hear they do not match what you were looking for!

In future if there are any issues with products, please come see us in store and we would be more than happy to see what we can do for you!

Hopefully see you soon and your next purchase will be much more satisfactory!

Kind regards

Excellent pedals

Easy to fix on the bike. You have to remove one of the pedal reflectors to adjust the tension, this is easily achieved and goes back on easily enough.

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Cracking bit of kit

Best of both worlds with these. You can run flat shoes or cleated. The cleats come in the box. You need to push the reflectors off to turn the screw for the pedal, but its easy enough to pop out and back on. For the price, worth it.

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Excellent product

The pedal clip is stiff when first purchased but you only need remove the rear reflector of the pedal and there is a small screw which can be loosened easily with an Alan key.

Good for the price

Decent pedals for the price. The one drawback is that the bearings in one of the pedals are a little sluggish. I notice this has been an issue with other purchasers. Come on Decathlon sort it out with your manufacturer it can't be that difficult.

Bearings too tight

Whilst appearing to be good value, I haven't been able to use these yet until I can part dismantle them so as to free the bearings which are ridiculously tight. I would take them back, but it's a 50 miles round trip. Because of the way they are packed, it's not possible to check the bearings before purchase. If I can't free them off, They will be going back at some time in the future when I'm next passing.

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I'm very sorry to read that the bearings are too tight on these pedals. They should run freely as soon as they are removed from the packaging.
I will make sure the product manager in charge of this items receives your feedback.
Indeed, the next time you are passing through near to one of our stores, please feel free to return these pedals for a refund or a more suitable replacement.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Not so good

I bought these thinking at the price they were good value. After fitting I noticed one pedal had considerably more friction than the other. Maybe it would loosen up? No, it actual got worse and began to squeak on every rotation. Clearly it has a bearing problem. Either way, it is poorly manufactured and should have been picked up by quality control before putting the item on sale. It's been returned for refund.

Thank you for your clear feedback regarding the bearings.
I have forwarded on this information to the team in charge of pedals at Decathlon.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Bike pedals

Ideal for New Riders because you can buy shoes where you can clip in or you can ride without the shoes

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Basic pedals

The instructions for the pedals are pictorial and bad . There are no instructions for the cleats . Are the cleats multi release or single release ? No information on the amount of float . Cheaper than Wellgo and Shimano , but not as good as .

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Aluminium


  • 100% Stainless Steel


  • 100% Steel

Box contents

This pair of pedals comes with ROCKRIDER cleats that are SHIMANO SPD compatible, and screws.

Bike and shoe compatibility

These pedals have a 9/16" standard thread that is compatible with all adult mountain, hybrid, road and indoor bikes on the market.The flat side of these 500 combination mountain bike pedals ensures great grip for your ordinary shoes.The clipless side is compatible with all shoes that take ROCKRIDER cleats that are SHIMANO SPD compatible.We recommend the ST 100 (ref. 8512376) or ST 500 mountain bike shoes (ref. 8500914)


To mount the pedals, you'll need a 15 mm spanner or a 6 mm Allen key.Make sure you screw each pedal on the right way: clockwise for the right, and anticlockwise for the left.


The holding and release tension of the SPD cleat can be adjusted to suit your preferences.


When learning to use clipless pedals, make sure you plan ahead each time you want to unclip and put your foot down (at traffic lights, when stopping, or when there's an obstacle in the way).If you aren't yet completely at ease with cleats, you might want to use the flat side of your pedals on the more technical sections of your ride.


Axle: Steel Body: aluminiumCage: aluminiumBearings: Ball bearings

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