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Folding Bike Oxylane 100 - Black

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Model: 8500541

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A photo of the Folding Bike Oxylane 100 - Black in use

Folding Bike Oxylane 100 - Black : Want to enjoy the beautiful weather by going for a nice ride? Put your Oxylane 100 into your boot and set off for the great outdoors!

Are you looking for a bike that can easily be taken anywhere at a low price? The Oxylane 100 is a practical, simple bike that's ideal for cycling on flat terrain in urban areas and on the coast.

Easy transport

Takes just 30 seconds to fold so you can quickly unfold, ride and carry it!


Choose it for its efficiency thanks to the 20" wheels and its single speed.

Compact design

Folded: (L/H/W) 78x66x41.Unfolded: (L/H/W) 144x112x58.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty on the frame, stem (excl. hinge), rigid fork and handlebar.

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Folding Bike Oxylane 100 - Black
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Fatme Ibryamova


icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

I bought this bike one month ago and in my first hour riding the bike, the brakes made an unbearable screeching noise and the chain pulled out from the crankset. However, I chose ignored that but looking back in hindsight, that was a poor decision. I should’ve just gone to return the bike because that was my undoing. I was cycling in Uxbridge and all of a sudden the chain pulled out which meant I couldn’t pedal anymore. I got hit by the car behind and broke my toes. Since then the bike chain has pulled out at least 9 times in 1 month of occasional use! In addition, a folding bike is supposed to be easy to carry around but this bike is unbearably heavy and the handle doesn’t stick properly when you fold it so it hits you every single time you carry it. Also, due to the chain problem, it’s incredibly difficult to ride fast. Sometimes I almost ride at walking pace because if I try to accelerate, the chains will most likely pull out and I definitely do not want to break more toes. At this point, I’m definitely done with decathlon. I’ve put the bike on the market for a fraction of the price hoping to get rid of it as soon as possible before it sends me to the cemetery because of its poor design.

It’s ok, expected more

Bike is heavier than expected, single gear was a complete pain and didn’t enjoy the slow pace of movement while peddling quickly. I expected the single gear to be a little less easy. Although I don’t know much about bikes. I liked how fast I could fold & unfold the bike. Overall the bike is awkward to carry, because of the way it folds down, it needs something to secure the wheels together and handle bars from moving around.

Hello Miriam,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that the product didn't meet your expectations. We hope that you can find a different product that suits you better in our range.

Thank you,

Injured due to faulty design - DO NOT BUY!

I wish I paid more attention to the bad reviews on this. An earlier review describes how the seat post came loose and this exact thing happened to me! I have another bike and have been riding on road for a while so am very comfortable riding. I bought this to get my partner into cycling and took it out to test before him. I was riding for no more than 2 mins when I noticed the brakes were very tight so not adjusted well. This was manageable and thought I would just go to get it greased/oiled later. But then after about 5 mins riding I went over a hump and the seat post fell through and scraped the ground. The sudden force made me fall sideways and I have scraped my leg and hand. Luckily no cars were about or else it could have been a lot worse. This product is dangerous! It’s poor design/setup so I would not recommend.

Heavy, not fun riding

I wish I would pay litle bit more and get better one. It's heavy, and useles. It's definetly not suitable for and adult

Exactly what it says on the packaging

Decent entry level folding single speed bike. Ideal for short commute to work. Really love this wee bike excellent for flat roads

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
tilt 100

good bike, shame about the service from decathlon, canada water, London.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Superb Bike!

This bike is awesome. It’s so fast considering it’s a single gear bike. I bought your Bfold 3 single gear bike in 2014 and needed another folding Bike for my household. Just what I need and more!

It does what you paid for and it looks nice!

For this price, you cannot go wrong! It takes seconds to fold/unfold and it's a pretty nippy bike. There's no suspension/gears, which isn't a problem if this is used as a weekend bike/ not taken off road/ used vigorously. I'm going to enjoy this bike and might purchase one for a couple more for two teenagers to get them out of the house during lockdown!

Very Dangerous Bike

This is Avery very dangerous bike. Though I had really liked it initially for the price but twice I got saved from accidents and one of them could have been very serious . With the slightest of the jerk seat bar went down to the road and I fell off the cycle, once it happened on pavement so wasn’t serious ofcourse the hand and back hurt for a few days but the second time it happened, I was on a crossing and just before getting on the other side, the seat bar went down, thankfully my speed was slow so I could save myself from a bad fall but there were cars that were turning in the road and they had to break suddenly. I was so damn scared , am a patient of hypertension and that incident had caused my pulse rate to cross 200(thanks to my smart watch for showing this little information later). Thankfully my husband was riding along and he came to the rescue. This incident happened on 22nd nov 2020 and the bike has been kept in garage since. I am too too scared to even think of riding it...I am yet to speak to Decathlon for a refund, and I will post a review of the support provided. Yes, I have used this bike for more then a month and had loved it too but since the 2nd accident my review for this bike has completely changed!!! Don’t ever get alluded by this bikes low price, it’s a big risk to life!!!

Basic, but good value

This is a £150 bike, so of course you get what you pay for. That said, having read some of the reviews below, it seems to me some people need to learn some basic bike maintenance. I've had a couple of short rides to run in and it all seems fine and will be a great all rounder for a number of family members due to its size range. Personally I'm.going to swap to flat handlebars and a new saddle (really simple changes,,but part of the fun with bikes is tinkering anyway. It's a simple bike with not much to go wrong, cant fault for the price.

Cheap for a reason - poor quality

If you are drawn by the price, the slick design and seemingly abundant belts and braces - don't be fooled. This bike's quality is beyond poor, it is also unsafe. Two problems within 2-3 hours. The bike chain FELL OFF, and it emitted a harrowing screeching noise. When I first tested this bike in the store, the hind wheels (not the brake pedals) emitted a high end screeching noise - for both backwards and forwards motion. The first instance I raised this to an employee, he mentioned that this was "normal". Upon my partner's insistence, I got a second opinion from another employee - who helpfully fixed the screech. This was red flag number one. No matter - I took it home for a spin. Oh how I was so pleased to grab this easily foldable bike at such a price. Well, such price cost me my SAFETY. The first time I rod this bike up a small include (20/30 degrees up), the entire chain came off the gear (i.e. meaning you can't pedal it forward). Not acceptable. Having used a few bikes in my childhood, I knew how to quickly wind it back in - but that was the last straw. As if the product quality wasn't distasteful enough, when I took it back to my local store (note - less than 2 hours after I first bought it), the first employee by the name of Trevor cajoled and ridiculed my claim that this was unsafe. "This happens all the time, chains fall off". "It's not as if it was unsafe." Deceptive, and dangerous comment from Trevor. This doesn't happen regularly - 2 other of his colleagues confirmed this to me separately (one by the name of lassie, another chap who processed my refund). This isn't dangerous, Trevor mentions? Wrong, this is extremely dangerous - especially on inclines. Imagine you were riding up a road, and this chain fell off whilst a car was approaching. One wrong slip backwards, that's it for you. Above all, the most distasteful and troubling issue was the response given by the gentleman who processed my refund. I don't take issue with this gentleman, but the manager whom he checked with on what they can do going forward. Their response - "we will definitely make sure that your bike is assembled properly next time", "we are very sorry but hope you can understand most of our staff are new" and "there is nothing more we can do.' Chaps - proper assembly and adequate construct quality is EXPECTED. Clearly, Decathlon's policy is that if you don't get hurt, or post this on social media - they'll brush you aside. No. For the safety of others - I am warning you - caveat emptor. Buyer beware, spend your money on a product that actually works.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
You get what you pay for

I've been riding this bike ten miles a day for three or four days a week for a month, through London. My observations are: Very good, unbeatable price. As a small woman of 5'1", it fits me perfectly. The seat is incredibly uncomfortable after about three miles of riding. The bike is heavy, it weighs somewhere around 12kg, and you feel it anytime you need to lift it up. The magnet that keeps the bike folded up is not strong enough, often comes undone while you're trying to wheel it. I have had countless bruises and small scratches from this happening. As it is heavy and single speed, prepare to work hard to go up hills and slopes. For the price, you truly get what you pay for. It does the job, but not comfortably. It's fine for what I use it for now, but I have had issues with the breaks jamming and with the chain coming off in the first month. Not the most robust or reliable, but entirely serviceable.


I’ve got the bike today ,but the only thing is while taking it from the box I’ve found that there are some scratches in it . It seems like it was forced or something.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Awesome bike.

Great bike and if one is to compare this bike to other folding bikes at this price bracket on the market....this is way at the top with great value for money. The ride is smooth and feels solid which gives one confidences when riding. Folding the bike is pretty straight forward and quick to do...:around 30 secs. One tiny small thing... but I’m still gonna give the review top marks. I wish the handle bars could be secured when in the folded position. But overall I’m really happy with my bike and have been everywhere on it. In fact I love it and it looks good too. Thank you Decathlon Steven

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel


Hi-Ten steel frame.The easy lateral-fold system means the bike takes up little space: at home, at the office, in the boot of a car or in a camper... you'll forget your bike is even there.In order to improve your bike's stability once folded, the frame is equipped with a bike stand under its base.


Hi-ten steel fork for greater durability.


This single-speed drive train has been developed for various riding conditions. Easy to set off and also fast on the flat. 165 mm cranks, 44-T chainring, 16-T freewheel cog.Development: 3.80 m travelled for one turn of the pedal.


Steel V-brake and callipers guarantee effective and progressive braking.

Handlebar / stem / steering

Steel low-rise bars with a rise of 60 mm to adjust your position on the bike to suit your body and make the bike easier to handle.Handlebar width: 560mm.Folding, non-adjustable stem made from aluminium for increased rigidity.Distance from saddle to handlebar: 540 mm. Bottom bracket to saddle distance: min. 520 mm - max. 740 mm.

Saddle/seat post

Comfortable, seamless foam saddle and steel seat post (diam: 31.6 mm).


20-inch, single-wall rims. Steel hub.A wheel restraint system makes it easy to carry and store the folded bike.


20 x 1.75 gumwall city tyres.We have developed these tyres in order to provide the best compromise between performance and grip.


B'TWIN City.Non-folding pedals.Cranks: 165 mm.Double chainguard to stop your chain jumping and protect it from dirt.

Accessories / equipment

Front and rear battery-powered lights.This bike is compatible with the TILT transport cover and the B'TWIN pannier rack for foldable bikes.The Oxylane 100 folding bike is compatible with 20" mudguards.The Oxylane folding bike is not compatible with a child seat.

User size and weight

The geometry of this bike offers optimal comfort for cyclists measuring between 1.45m and 1.85m.This bike meets the requirements of the ISO 4210 standard for a cyclist weighing 100kg.



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