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Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter

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Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter : Our team designed this scooter for your daily rides over medium-range distances (from 2 to 5 km). Height: From 1.45m to 1.95 m.

Our designers have simplified your life and made it easier to get around the city. Quickly fold your scooter without bending down thanks to the EasyFold system and EasyHandle handles.

A photo of the Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter in use

Ease of use

Folds quickly without having to bend down. Scooter weight: 7.4 kg.

Brake control

Brake easily using the handlebar brake, just like on a bike.


Front suspension, rear wheel shock absorber.

Easy transport

Easy to carry thanks to the trolley mode.


Precise handlebar height adjustment for users between 1.45 m and 1.95 m.


Front and rear mudguards.

Glide performance

2 large 200 mm PU rubber wheels.ABEC 7 bearings.Rear wheel brake.

Ergonomic grip

Thanks to the shape of the handles, which limits pressure on your hands.

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Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter
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This scooter is study. Got it for my 11yrs old and it’s just perfect. He loves it. You won’t regret this. Kick stand, height adjustment, front and rear brakes, mud guard. It’s got everything to get you going. With this Town 9EF V2 OXELO I am well pleased

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Excellent quality kick scooter. Love

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Excellent kick scooter. Love from first kick

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dangerous when damp outdoors

Because the wheels have no tread on them - like very large skateboard wheels- the scooter is extremely dangerous when it is damp on the floor. I knew the brand advises not scooting when it was raining. It wasn't raining but there had been light rain earlier and so the pavement was still damp. It was not very wet so I assumed it would be ok. But I skidded almost immediately and hurt my wrist and side quite badly. I think because the wheels are quite high, the risk is greater. They need to replace the wheels with either lower wheels or wheels with a proper tread in my opinion.

Oxelo town

Great scooter with a great design loving it.

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Don't buy this. I've had to return twice to resolve brake issues. Staff rude and unhelpful. They couldn't care less. I've never received such a poor product or customer service. Don't follow our mistake or you'll be forced to repeatedly to revisit the store until they can be bothered to fix whilst having to suffer their ambivalence to the provision of their sub standard product.

Lets scoot.

Bought this to try and get out more and get some different exercise in. Harder going than I remember but a decent scooter and easy enough to set up etc. Would like a slightly bigger wheel though and some more comfort from the road when scootering, also would like a choice of different tyres!

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Such a smooth scooter, I live around the most terrible pavement and roads this scooter can handle it all. Only bad side it's very noisy but once you work out where its coming from easy enough to tape up the noise. Fantastic bit of kit.

Hi Team,

Me and my wife bought two town 9 scooters. Scooter is great but the front fork is making an extra noice while riding . It feels like something is broken inside the suspension. We experienced this only from one scooter other scooter works perfect. Is this can be replaced or repaired?

Fab scooter

Bought this to keep up with the kids on the school run and I absolutely love it. It’s really sturdy, super speedy and amazing for your thigh muscles. Worth every penny!

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Good when it works

Had this for a couple of years now before noticing one day the front wheel and handlebar became disconnected and I could turn the handlebar without the front wheel turning. So, pretty damn dangerous if you ask me. We took into Decathlon to fix and they tightened up some things and was ok for another 5kms or so and now it's doing the same thing. Tried to contact Decathlon support about it as I can't be bringing it into a shop every week to be fixed, waited on the support chat for 2 days now without a reply. So, a big WASTE OF MONEY at the moment, unusable and this is not a cheap manual scooter.

Hi Aaron,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your scooter. I could only suggest you to go to our store for them to find a permanent solution for you. They will need to determine if it can be fixed and if not, if you are still entitled for a replacement products.

I wish this helps.



Exceptional Scooter

I’m a ‘mature’ owner on the weight limit of the scooter and been riding it for several months. How people claim to have worn out wheels and say it rattles whenever it moves makes no sense to me. I’ve covered an awful lot of miles on my scooter and it still looks like new. It has no rattles, nothing has broken or worn and no bolts or fixings have come loose. The height the hand bars raise to make it extremely comfortable and stable for me at 5ft 10. The suspension works really well at damping the bumps and seems to stop the the front wheel from skipping out, which I found happens on other scooter without front suspension. A really comfortable ride and you can cover distances really quickly. Its not super light weight, but that’s good as it means it’s a sturdy piece of kit. I don’t find it too heavy to carry short distances. The folding mechanism is really easy to use and an awful lot easI’ve than other scooters and cheaper models in the Oxelo range. You learn quickly that the hand brake is no use in the rain as it doesn’t get a good enough purchase on the wheel. The foot brake works fine when it’s raining. No complaints and genuinely the best adult scooter I’ve owned

Fantastic scooter!

Absolutely love this scooter! I wasn’t sure whether to buy it at first as I’m 5’10 and thought I could be too tall for it even though it says it is suitable for people just over 6 foot. But it’s perfect! I love that I can push myself a few times and then just glide on it for a good distance. You can glide for what feels like forever lol. The break on the handlebar is fab, the rear brake is great too. It’s got a wide footplate thingy.. you know.. the bit you stand on! Haha! You can comfortably put both feet on there next to each other. The suspension, both front and back, are brilliant, they make such a difference to the ride. The palm rests are just wonderful, I can never go back to a normal handlebar now after feeling how comfortable this one is! The kickstand is ace. The wheels are superb.. really love them! You can REALLY see and feel the fantastic quality of the whole scooter. It is totally worth the money. It’s the best one on the website in my opinion, it has the most features and I can’t find one fault with it. I bought it in the rose pink colour and it’s just absolutely stunning! Really gives it a feminine touch and it’s beautiful. Very shiny and quite metallic looking, especially when it’s in the sun and it’s shimmering slightly. My 8 year old son has had a go on it and he loves it and finds it much easier to ride than his standard £15 scooter so I’m waiting for the petrol blue colour to come back in stock so I can buy him one too! Very highly recommend this scooter! :)

Best way of getting around town

Bought the Town 9 to use on and off the tube around London. Then the day after I bought it lockdown, oh dear. It sat in it's nice bag I also bought for about three weeks, considered Ebay. Couldn't be bothered selling it so went out with my daughter on it, she was on her bike. I'm so glad I kept it. I'm 46, go to gym, like looking after myself, you wouldn't think I'd be on a scooter lol. I dont have a self imagine problem at all but if you do, fear not this thing is cool as hell and will boost your cool level. Build feels really solid, its pretty heavy to carry but you dont notice scooting. Smooth ride seeing wheels are solid, suspension is just enough. The bag you can buy for extra £10 is really perfect fit, good buy, it is a perfect fit and easy to put in if you know how. Always put bars right down and make sure the handle bar end is the orange end of the bag then zip the other end up a bit and push the scooter up against it, then zip it, perfect. Handle bar grips perfect, colour really nice, so easy to fold, use your heel to push the button to fold it's more comfortable. Carry the scooter with handles facing the floor, it's easier. Make sure the quick release on the handle bars nice and tight as it will slip down if it's not tight enough. Not to tight. I usually cover about 5 miles with my daughter on a trip out, it's a great way chat together, better than bikes, its casual and you can scoot in your best clothes. Do yourself a favour, it's the most fun you'll have for £149, buy it and use it. Its the future of personal transport and fun round town.

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Additional Product informations



  • 5% Polypropylene
  • 20% Steel
  • 75% Aluminium 6061


  • 55% Polypropylene
  • 45% Polyurethane


  • 100% Viscose

Are there any particular safety precautions to take when using the town 9 scooter?

You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering.Most serious accidents take place during the first few months of use: so spend time learning the basics so that you can control your speed and brake in emergency situations in all weather conditions. Stop use when the ground becomes slippery.

How do you fold/unfold the scooter?

quick to fold and unfold without your hands! This is the Easyfold design.What's the trick? Simply stand opposite your scooter with the frame straight in front of you and press the pedal, and your Town 9 is folded in less time than it took you to read these instructions.Just as easy for the handles. Just push the buttons to fold them. And unfold the handles in a single movement!

Is the oxelo town 9 scooter suited to long journeys around town (2 to 5 km)?

Yes!The rubber grip on the deck and the ultra-comfy ergonomic handles with palm rests help reduce vibrations for a more pleasant ride.The TOWN 9 adult scooter also has a bell so that you can make yourself heard. Last but not least, the handlebar is slightly forward for better steering control.

What is the glide performance of the oxelo town 9 scooter?

We have equipped this adult scooter with large 200 mm HIGH BOUNCE PU rubber wheels for high-performance scootering. A large wheel makes it easier to build up speed with minimum effort.The ABEC 7 bearings are very high quality and, by making it easier for you to push yourself along, limit fatigue.

How much does the town 9 scooter weigh?

7.4 kg making it easy to move in "trolley" mode: fold it up and drag it along like a suitcase.

What is the maximum weight the town 9 scooter can take?

100 kg.

What safety precautions should you take with the town 9 scooter?

We recommend checking your scooter before and after each ride to ensure that there is no abnormal play and no cracks or sharp edges.

What should you do if there's play in the handlebar?

What with bumps in the road, repeated jarring and vibrations, it's normal for certain parts to come loose.You can have all of the screws tightened at your local Decathlon workshop or do so yourself with the Allen keys provided (designed to fit all of the scooter's parts).

How are our products tested?

All of our scooters have been lab tested. These tests check compliance with the European standards for scooters, as well as looking for wear. For example, one of our tests involves a machine folding the scooter 10,000 times to check its folding system.As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.

How should you maintain your scooter?

The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them occasionally and change them if necessary.You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop.

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