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High top shoe - leather - waterproof - crosscontact -ONTRAIL MT- women’s

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Product Features

High top shoe - leather - waterproof - crosscontact -ONTRAIL MT- women’s : These waterproof boots let you progress on easy trails with good support and walking comfort.

Lovers of long hikes, discover these comfortable and light hiking shoes, designed to guarantee an excellent foot roll. Ideal for easy paths!

A photo of the High top shoe - leather - waterproof - crosscontact -ONTRAIL MT- women’s in use


Approved sole for optimal grip and traction on hard and wet ground.


Double waterproof, breathable membrane (3 hours’ walking in the rain)


Materials and assembly processes make for long-lasting shoes.


2 top hooks and 1 blocking hook for good ankle support.

Foot motion

Flexible sole that supports the motion of the foot &is perfect for easy terrain.


502 g per shoe in size 39.


Durable and high-performance PU cushioned midsole.

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High top shoe - leather - waterproof - crosscontact -ONTRAIL MT- women’s
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Comfortable when first on, painful after a day or

Bought these because I work on my feet at outdoor events. Previously had Karrimors and read these were similar and had a voucher for Decathlon who weren't stocking Karrimor, but sadly they're not a patch on my old pair. The soles are just much harder, resulting in my feet getting sore that much quicker. I don't feel as supported in them as I did in my old shoe and think the toe box is definitely smaller. They're okay for short hikes, maybe up to 8 or so miles, but really not good for long days or multiple days.

Killed my feet!

Bought these to climb Snowdon in as my previous boots had started to break. Tried them on at my local store and seemed ok. Broke them in walking inside and around my local area before the trip as recommended by staff. However when I started the Snowdon hike I could feel the rocky terrain through the boot, a very worrying sign. My toes were very pinched too even though I bought a size up. Offered no ankle support what’s so ever and the sole grip is poor and I found myself slipping. Now 2 days after my feet are still incredibly sore, And as an active person who runs and hikes regularly this is completely unusual for me and I definitely think it’s the boots. Would not recommend and wished I’d gone for a more known brand.

Pinching at Toes

My wife's small toe was badly blistered by these boots twice. First walk was 2 hours on small hills . Second time was 45 minutes on flat ground. Really dissapointing as she purchased them on recommendation from employee's testimonial in the shop. She was going to purchase Salmon but decided on these. Now we're stuck with boots that are unwearable.

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So comfortable!

First time out a 12 mile walk and comfortable the whole way.

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Good value sturdy boots

Comfortable and waterproof

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Comfortable boot, does what I expected

This is my third pair of Forclaz boots and I am very happy with them. Offer good support and good for the type of walking I do, mostly along well defined footpaths and tracks, distances of five to ten miles. Good level of waterproof. They don't chafe.

So disappointed

It was too uncomfortable and when I would to refund it, salesman said me: you should put on and walk many kilometres in your home before putting on outside!!!!! So I’m so disappointed to your shop.

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Comfy Boot.

Wife loves these boots, fit like slippers.

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Do not recommend caused injury

I have been going on lengthy walks in lockdown but as the weather was getting wet I decided to upgrade to waterproof boots. These boots seemed comfortable when I tried them in the store but they have caused me terrible pain which forced me to stop going on walks. This is frustrating as it’s one of the few things we can do in lockdown. Let me be clear that I have never suffered from any foot pain and haven’t torn or broken any bones/tendons ever. These boots gave me the worst Achilles heel pain ever (Achilles tendinitis). The pain started gradually and got to the point that I could not get in those boots and walk. I was limping as if I had a fracture. I bought some insoles but this did not make any difference. The minute I stopped wearing and switched to some new balance trainers the pain went away. But it took me various days of rest to get there. I think these boots are very hard and do not absorb any shock, hard surfaces. They do not offer enough support and have been an absolute waste of money. I would not recommend these buy something else. I used to own the cheaper version of the Quechua ones and they were half the price and much better. The reason I went for these is because these are waterproof.


The laces snag on the eye hooks causing feet to tie together and you fall over!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to review our Trek 100 mountain trekking boots.

Feedback such as yours is very valuable in improving and refining our future products. As it is, the new models of our trekking boots have adapted the eyelets to reduce the chance of this happening.

Thanks again for your review.


Peter - Forclaz Product Expert, Decathlon UK

Completed a 25 kilometer hike in flip flops!

These boots seemed comfortable when I bought them at the store, and for the first few walks on plain, level tarmac around the city (I was testing them before my hike). Then I went on a 25 km hike that included steep ascents and descents of 700 meters, and even though the shoes held up well during the ascents, they hurt like nobody's business during the descents. Much of the trail was more or less level, with gentle gradients, but after about 2 hours of walking, the front of my feet (the balls under my toes) started hurting, as if the insoles offered no cushioning whatsoever. I could feel rocks, stones, and the texture of everything on the ground. By the time the path started descending steeply, the bones in my feet were so fatigued with pain that I felt like I was walking on knives. For the last few kilometers, I took off the boots and wore flip flops instead, and then I tried walking barefeet on the tarmac road when we reached the city, and even walking barefoot was more comfortable than walking in these shoes! I tried putting in new, better cushioned insoles at one of our stops, but the pain persisted on the remaining days of the trip, so I'm giving up on these shoes. Do NOT buy! The insoles are horribly cheap, flimsy and offer no support or cushioning. I have not tested the waterproof-ness, but the sheer discomfort of these shoes now have me trawling online for a brand new pair (NOT from Decathlon ever again), less than half a year of buying these shoes!

good shoes

light and comfortable

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Hi Mirela,

Much appreciated your feedback,


Ionut florian

Comfy right from the start

Wore these out of the box for a walk of about 6 miles with no problem. Very comfy and waterproof. My only slightly negative comment is that the laces slip over the top of the boot, so I now use the top two hooks first and do them up on the next set of hooks down so the 'knot' is away from the top.

Great value for money

Bought these for my son's scouts camp and he loved them. Comfy and warm.

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Hi Rosh,

Thank you for your feedback!


Ionut florian

Great buy

Good boot, perfect fitting can be worn all day no problems

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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 60% Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • 40% Polyurethane

Upper of

  • 40% Leather - Bovine - Split
  • 50% Polyester
  • 10% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Made in europe manufacturing : 100% of our forclaz shoes are made in europe.

These shoes are manufactured in the European Union, in Romania, in a factory specialized in the production of hiking shoes (GRISPORT).This factory uses exclusively water-based glues, without chemical solvents.Most materials are of European origin.MANUFACTURER: copy and paste the links you find on this page into your favourite browser ;)

How waterproof are these boots?

This boot has been validated by a waterproofing test at 10,000 repeatable flexes, i.e. 10 km - 3 hours of walking, in water up to the mid-upper, which today guarantees a very good level of waterproofing for your boots.--> Our assessment indicates a LEVEL OF 2/5 giving 3 hours of waterproofing when hiking in the rain.The details of tests carried out to assess the waterproofing of our boots is below.

Footwear waterproofing test.

Footwear waterproofing test: tested in the laboratory and genuine usage conditions, equipped with waterproof and breathable layer, to offer excellent protection from the rain. Our Field Test Missions team up the product manager with people who aren't affiliated with QUECHUA, to test, improve, and validate our products. Next, shoes are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking and half immersed in water so we can test that the inside remains perfectly dry.

3 levels of waterproofing.

During the waterproofness test, we test 5 levels of waterproofness:2,000 flexes (approximately 4 km ,30 minutes of walking)10,000 flexes (approximately 10 km ,3 hours of walking)30,000 flexes (approximately 15 km ,6 hours of walking)50,000 flexes (approximately 20 km ,8 hours of walking)100,000 flexes (approximately >20 km ,24 hours of walking)

Lab tests

Laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements: - tearing of the eyelets and straps- bonding of the sole- toxicology- UV resistance- abrasion of the sole and components of the upper- accelerated ageing.

Buying tips

Try on both boots, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking.Try several models and various sizes if necessary.Check two comfort points: the heel seating (the heel does not or hardly slips) and the front of the foot on a downward slope (the toes do not touch the front of the boot).Avoid all pressure points when trying shoes on.Don't hesitate to walk around the store. Break in your boots gradually during their first hikes to adapt them to your foot.

Care tips

Use a brush to clean the boot and remove any dirt or mud. Always brush in the same direction to give nubuck its original look.The use of cream or waterproof grease on split leather is not recommended. While it will not damage the leather, it will change the look of your boots.

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