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A photo of the CLIMBING SHOES - ROCK+ in use

CLIMBING SHOES - ROCK+ : Our designers and instructor partners have developed this climbing shoe for improving your skills wherever you climb.

Looking for a shoe you can progress in, that’s reasonably precise without compromising comfort? Its high-tech sole ensures grip and precision. Its shape offers comfort and ease of use.

Fitting comfort

Heel and tongue wrapped in foam padding for more comfort.


Moderately rigid sole holds foot in place.


Precision ensured by the shape of the front sole


Vibram XS GRIP rubber on the toe for excellent grip and precision.

Easy opening / closing

Twp rip-tab straps let you slip on and adjust fastening with precision.

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Great shoes


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Amazing quality beginner shoe!

This was my very first climbing shoe and I have used these for 3 months. I intended to purchase these to test the waters of the hobby, and they are extremely good for this purpose. They have thicker rubber and extra padding when compared to the more expensive, advanced level shoes. Unsurprisingly, as a beginner, you are not climbing as efficiently as an advanced climber would, which means you're often bashing your foot against the walls, and taking foot holds quite aggressively. These are extremely well designed to protect you from these otherwise painful, novice mistakes, until you get better :) Other pros of these shoes are the quality of rubber, the amazing convenience of the Velcro straps and overall comfort. My street size shoe is a UK 9 (EU 43), and I purchased these shoes in UK 9.5 (EU 44) as they were more "comfortable" for me at the time, as climbing shoes can often feel tight. They do stretch a bit (as with EVERY other climbing shoe - even advanced level ones), so in hindsight, I would purchase a size 8 (EU 42), even if they do feel rather tight initially, they quickly stretch out. Overall: Buy this shoe if you're a beginner.

OK, but not great

I just got back into climbing after many years. I was renting Scarpa shoes at the gym, then decided to buy my own shoes. But I found myself slipping on some of the holds with these shoes. They are also quite stiff in the sole. Hopefully they will start to break in.


Unfortunetely I had to take the tags of to actually try them out, but they have absolutely no support in the toe zone (it just kind of broke). I am used to other climbing shoes at the gym, and they are absolutely not comparble, also hugely unfconfortable even though I got the right size. very dissapointed. I thought this type of shoe would be fine for a beginner, but I wasn't able to do the problems/courses I normally could. when I switches for shoes from the bouldering/ climbing gym I could dot he problems again, so it was clearly in the shoe. I am very dissapointed, and will go somewhere else.

Absolutely solid beginner shoes

These are my first pair of climbing shoes. As comfortable as climbing shoes are expected to be. Very happy with them

good beginners shoe

bought as a replacement when i needed something cheap. these are good for beginners/intermediate but i wouldn’t recommend for climbers beyond that. i used these once a week for around a year and a half on routes, and they have worn down significantly to the point of being glassy. good for people who climb only a few times a month since they wear down fast. they’re alright for bouldering but i find the toe quite wide and not enough flex in the shoe.

It's not worth the money

Bought these a couple of months ago. The shoes look good but they started to really stretch where the rubber meets the grey material and I can see them ripping in a month's time. Also, either the dye or the lining causes me an annoying skin irritation which after a two hr session becomes a proper allergic reaction. Unfortunately, I will have to bin them.

Good beginner shoe

Good shoe with appropriately snug fit

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
good Shoe

I normally where a size 12 and it was easy to find in store. I have had issues trying to find shoes that go to this size. I love the fit as I can spend 4-5 hours with groups in these shoes

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Turquoise Climbing Shoes

Purchased for indoor climbing. Pleased with how they fit and perform. Disappointed that blue dye leaches onto my feet - maybe due to friction or sweat. I am hoping this will cease to happen the more I wear them.

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Brought size 42, but I would say they're a 39-40.

Too small. Usually I'm a size 41-42. These are a size 42 and they're too tight. Therefore, badly sized.

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Great beginner shoe or comfort shoe

I have gone through 2 pairs of these shoes - they are a bargain. I have climbed V4/V5 bouldering in them and 6b+/6c in lead and top-rope. These were my second beginner shoe (having worn several other beginner pairs previouly) and I now carry on using them as a comfort pair and for roped climbing where comfort matters more and I can't be bothered to mess about with different shoes when belaying. This shoe has several advantages for a beginner. Firstly it has a stiff sole with rubber running through the midsole. Stiffness helps to support your weight during edging and means less foot strength is needed - something beginners will lack and will need to build up. Secondly, it has Vibram XS Grip rubber. This is a quality rubber and on the grippier/softer side of the Vibram range. Many of the expensive soes use the same rubber so it's great that Simond have used this - many other beginner shoes use a cheaper rubber. Finally, this has 5mm rubber and a thick toe rand. Beginners will burn through rubber with poor foot work (trust me!), so your first pair won'tlast long. The thicker the rubber the more they will last and 5mm is about as thick as it gets for climbing shoes - most advanced pairs will only have 3.5mm ruber. The Rock+ last me about 80-100 climbing sessions before I get down to the toe rand. Most other beginner shoes have these exact same characteristics for good reason. However they are usually a good £30 more expensive at least. THe main thing that matters is a good fit, so if these fit you, buy them because they are a steal! They are a few poorer features. The heel is padded. This makes it very comfortable but means there is less of a tight fit around the heel. This makes a difference for aggressive heel hooks. That said, the rand rubber covers the whole heel so you can get quite a bit of contact. The build quality is less good vs some of the bigger names. The velcro buckles are a bit cheap, and the rand loosen up and peeled off the fabric where the foot flexes a lot after 3-4 months of climbing. However, the shoes have always lasted me a good year and the rubber will be worn before any of the rest of the shoe wears through, so its not a major problem. Finally there is some poor attention to detail. The rubber has a indented Vibram stamp - Simond don't really care where the stamp goes so there are many pairs where the stamp ends up under the toe. This is stupid because you lose 1-2mm of rubber in a crucial area and can be entirely avaoided if they made these with a bit of care. Same with the gluing of the sole to the base of the shoe - a bit careless in places. I still recommend this shoe despite quality control issues. These aren't shoes you will resole and they will last you a good while and you'll lose the rubber before any of the rest of the shoe breaks. Size at street size for a comfortable fit and 1 size down for a tighter performance fit.


I bought these shoes as they were reasonably priced and comfortable. However after 6 weeks they have really stretched, giving me very poor grip when climbing. I have decided to abandon them as the loose fit makes them unsafe to climb in.

Hi Anne,

I am sorry to hear that the Rock + climbing shoes did not meet with your expectations. Could you reply telling me where exactly the shoes started to stretch? This way I can pass on the feedback to the product designer.

Many Thanks

Joseph Sutton | UK Product Expert
Poor quality

I started climbing a couple months ago and thought buying these would be a good idea to start going more often and improving my technique, I tried them once and was very disappointed by the quality of them, as when climbing the rubber is not good enough and I would slip all the time. No good grip at all compared to my other climbing shoes, also the straps are way too long and makes climbing uncomfortable. Wouldn't recommend these.

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Hi Gemma,

I am sorry to hear that the Rock+ climbing shoes did not meet with your expectations. The Rock+ climbing shoes are designed for an intermediate user, with a slight camber and asymmetry.

The sole is half Vibram XS Grip which is one of the industry standards. If you take the Rock+ back to your nearest Decathlon store then one of the staff can inspect the shoes and see if there is a defect with them.

Hope this helps

Joseph Sutton | UK Product Expert

Climbing shoes

Great value. Good quality. Look fine!

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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 100% Rubber - Synthetic

Upper of

  • 65% Polyamide
  • 35% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Shoe shape

Straight climbing shoe with flat profile.Provides comfort.


XS Grip material is designed and made by VIBRAM.It ensures excellent grip, no matter where you’re climbing.

Sizing recommendations

For beginner climbers, we recommend choosing the same size as your normal shoe size.They should feel tight without hurting. If you are a regular climber working to improve your skills, you can buy them tighter (1 size below normal, for example), but it's important they don't hurt, so that your foot can develop mobility, proprioception, and strength. You'll also enjoy climbing much more.

Care instructions

Our 1st tip is to never machine-wash your shoes. Thermal and mechanical stress could damage them. We recommend that you wash them by hand, either with a sponge soaked in clean water or with a sponge soaked in soapy water (Marseille soap), being sure to air-dry them at a stable temperate and avoid drying them on a radiator or in direct sunlight. We recommend washing them regularly to increase the life span of the shoes.

Resoling tips

The rubber on the soles wears out quickly when climbing. For regular climbers, the life of the rubber is generally 6 months to 1 year. This depends on many factors (type of rock or resin, climbing style, types of routes, etc.). As soon as you see the synthetic leather through the rubber, you must get them resoled. If you pierce the synthetic leather, resoling will be difficult. Our Decathlon workshops offer resoling services to extend the life of your shoes.

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