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Size 7 Basketball BT100 for Men Ages 13 and Up - Orange

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A photo of the Size 7 Basketball BT100 for Men Ages 13 and Up - Orange in use

Size 7 Basketball BT100 for Men Ages 13 and Up - Orange : Official size 7 basketball designed for playing outdoors or indoors.

Official size 7 basketball with an outer cover made from foam plastic, it is durable and offers good ball feel.

ball touch

The foam rubber cover gives it a pleasant feel.

Lasting air retention

Can go longer between re-inflations thanks to a bladder made with 30% butyl.


Good bounce as the bladder is enveloped in 100% polyester


Durable thanks to the foam plastic cover.


Good grip thanks to the deep channels.

Product Reviews

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597 reviews

Size 7 Basketball BT100 for Men Ages 13 and Up - Orange
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Pay a bit more for a better ball

Good entry level Basketball but if you can pay a bit more as slightly lighter and better bounce

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Better than its price suggests

I bought this for my son to take on holiday. It be same apparent that he preferred this over his other ball that was over 3 times as much

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This ball is excellent for all surfaces indoor and outdoor. The seams are deep enough and allow a good grip.

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My 10 year old prefers this

Think it’s better for him rather than the smaller sizes to get used to a normal sized basketball. He can dribble fine and just needed to get used tot he weight for shooting. Too bad most courts are now closed! We will just practice passing for exercise I guess

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Good one


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Good quality basketball

Very good

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excellent ball bouncing is superb

Its an excellent ball and not heavier too small child can also lift it it will get easily into an goal its an extrodnary ball Dust particles will not get in to ball too. But lot of sound will come when it will bounce its an best brand

Gets punctured easily and not that durable

The basketball gets punctured easily and is not that durable as compared to other basketballs

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Very nice ball I use it for playing it really good ball

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It Looses its Grip In Very Short Time.

Product is not up to that level.

Dam good product

Best basketball

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Good Product At A Great Price.

I would recommend this product. Good for outdoors

Grip, weight & control

It's a multi-purpose Basketball, you can use in indoor and outdoor both are convenient and comfortable to play . Grip is also very nice, while Dribbling and shooting it will be a great experience for you. What I have to say about controlling!! AMAZING!!.

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Really bad quality

Well, played for a week already lost a grip on the ball, lame quality.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex


  • 70% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex
  • 30% Rubber - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber - Butyl

Main fabric

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride


  • 100% Polyester

Why learn to play basketball with the tarmak bt100 size 7 ball?

The Tarmak BT100 basketball is perfect for beginners.Ball handling is enhanced thanks to the deep grooves and pebbled cover.Its outer cover is made from foam PVC to give it a more cushioned feel that is softer on contact. Its 100% polyester filament winding ensures good quality bounce.It is very durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What ball size to choose?

The ball size depends on the player's age and gender.Size 1: From ages 2 and upSize 3 to size 5: Girls or boys ages 4 to 6 / Baby basket under 7 age group (depending on levels and clubs)Size 5: Boys and girls ages 7 to 10 / Under 9 and under 11 age groupsSize 6: Boys ages 11 and 12 / Under 13 age groupSize 6: Girls - Women of all ages over 11Size 7: Boys ages 13 and up, and men.

What ball should you use?

If you want a very durable ball, go for a rubber ball. If you're looking for a ball with a good ball feel, choose a leather or synthetic ball.

For a good bounce, how much should you inflate your basketball?

A basketball that is overinflated or underinflated will deliver a sub-par playing experience.The recommended pressure is clearly marked on the ball by the manufacturer.Ideally, you should use a pump with a pressure gauge so that you can be more precise.At Tarmak, we recommend a pressure of: 0.62 bar.Enjoy your game!

What height basket should you choose?

The official height of a basketball basket is 3.05m (rim height).If you want a basketball basket for your child, you need something that will grow with them.For younger kids there isn't an official height so you can choose whatever suits them best.Up to the age of 10, club baskets are set at 2.60m.After the age of 10, both girls and boys play with 3.05m baskets.

Did you know that all tarmak products are tested in the lab and in match conditions?

The design team behind the TARMAK products is based at Kipstadium in Northern France. Their ongoing mission is to make basketball players more comfortable as they play. All Tarmak products have been tested in real-life situations by actual players for a number of weeks.These regular tests, along with customer feedback, help us develop our products.Lab tests are also carried out to check our products' various properties

Who designs the tarmak basketball products?

Tarmak is a team of keen basketballers who develop products especially for playing basketball. The entire product range is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding basketball players and to give you maximum enjoyment during training and matches.

Get all our tips on choosing the right gear and training!

Tarmak is here for anyone playing basketball, from beginners to regulars. Check out our tips for training, kitting yourself out, and playing alone or with friends.

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