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M Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots - contact® - MT100 LEATHER

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These waterproof high-top boots are great for walking with excellent comfort.

Are you looking for waterproof leather boots to walk on clearly marked paths and moderate slopes? This design will bring you comfort, support, and protection.

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Sale price: Dhs. 510.00

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A photo of the M Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots - contact® - MT100 LEATHER in use


100% rubber CONTACT® sole that improves grip and traction


Waterproof and breathable membrane (6 hours of walking in the rain)


Leather upper and stone guard on the forefoot for extra solidity and durability

Foot motion

Flexible sole to improve walking, ideal for easy trail routes


High upper, equipped with 2 high hooks and 1 secure blocker hook


Sole heel made with a long-lasting cushioning material (PU)


585 g per boot in size 42 (UK size 8)

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713 reviews

M Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots - contact® - MT100 LEATHER
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use a high quality leather grease or wax

I've owned 2 pairs of these now and the first pair were excellent boots, reasonably light, flexible and comfortable for walking all day. I used the spray on wax, as advised by Decathlon staff at purchase, this did nothing to replenish the leather and may have had a negative effect on the longevity, after a year or so the leather has perished and the boots are unusable. After seeking the correct advice on how to maintain these boots i purchased a second pair, where the webbing meets the tongue there's a lump of stitching which digs into my ankle bone, as these are the only pair of boots i now own i had to suffer with this for 2 long walks to and from work, i'll be returning the second pair and inspecting their replacement thoroughly before being happy.

Forclaz Leather Trekking Boots

Wore these around the house/work for a couple of days, as a precaution to break them in. Have just spent a full day hiking of path across Oxenhope Moor (peat bogs), and the have been like warm, waterproof slippers… highly recommended!

Good boots so far

I was looking around at other similar leather walking boots, but for the money, so far these have been really good. I've used them for the morning dog walk of approx 2hrs every day for the last few months, which have been particularly 'weathery', and never had wet feet. They're comfortable and sizing is good. The grip in the woodland much and loam is superb. On the wet days, they certainly kept me upright on some slippery and muddy paths. Was interesting that there was no box or care instructions in the package that you would get with other brands, but I guess that's just less waste to deal with. I think there is a large label on the inner of the tongue that may have some info although not managed to read it so far. Looking forward to some longer hikes with them on the local coast paths and Dartmoor.

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Very versatile boot

Suitable for hot, cold, wet/sodden or snowy weather. Not to mention marvellous leather quality.

Great boots

Comfortable, waterproof boots great for hiking in wet wheather and muddy paths.

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I would recommend

Given the mixed reviews I wasn't sure about the boots. I've worn them every day for 4 weeks on a range of walks from 1 mile round the park to a 6 mile walk in the country. My views are: Comfort: out of the box comfortable & no issues Waterproof: stayed dry in wet grass, mud & puddles Grip: as good as previous boots of various brands Overall: does what I needed at a relatively low price.

1 Year Review - Still Good!!

A very good boot. I've worn this boot for a year now. Through all terrain, it seems to hold up. It has been very good in the wet and even held up against deep puddles - not had a wet foot yet. The boot was a bit stiff but mine seemed to bed in nicely - although after a 7 hour trek, I am ready to take them off! I'm sure that would be the case for any boot mind! I've not really kept them clean or treated them with anything and they are still doing well.

Tight fitting and toe too hard

Have used these for a number of hiking weekends in a row now and have got blisters each time. The toe cap on the end digs in and even with loose lacing the top of the boot is also uncomfortable. Thought that with time the boots would wear in but this has not been the case. Disappointed as have bought some excellent things from decathlon in the past.

Love them

I am a dog walker so wear these boots all day everyday, amazingly comfortable & waterproof. Because of the distances i do, with each pair i buy a decent pair of inner's but that just something i have always done. I'm on my 3rd set now & they are just starting to wear out & let in a bit of water BUT Strava tells me i have done over 700 km's in them so really not complaining. Great value for money, when these ones let go i will certainly just by another pair.

Not waterproof

Great from comfort point of view but definitely not waterproof. They take water through the leather into the boot and leave you with wet feet. Not great when that's a selling point


Boots outperformed many other expensive “name” brands especially in keeping feed dry on a recent walk in Tasmania

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Excellent one for trekking

Good product

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Bad quality

Poor quality .Substandard product. Better to avoid it

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Hi Amit

Thank you for taking the time to give your valuable review. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the product. However, from your review, the main issue with the product was not clear. Please write back to me with the issue you experienced with the quality so that i can provide you the best possible solution.


Product Trainer and Passionate Backpacker

unhappy with the leather quality

Really unhappy with the leather quality. It started showing wrinkles with 1 wear only. And with time it became worse. Used a neutral leather polish and no it looks like a shoes which is almost 4 years old. I feel ashamed to wear it in public .

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Hello Kuljit

Thank you for taking time to give your valuable review. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the product. Please write back to me with some images of the issue and date of purchase. Please also mention terrain and type of use of the boots so that we can provide you the best possible solution.


Product Trainer and Passionate Backpacker

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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 40% Polyurethane
  • 60% Rubber - Synthetic

Upper of

  • 40% Polyester
  • 60% Leather - Bovine - Split

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

European made 100% of our forclaz boots are manufactured in europe

These trekking boots are manufactured in the European Union, in Romania, in a factory specialising in the production of trekking boots (GRISPORT)This factory uses exclusively water-based adhesives, without chemical solvents.Most materials are of European origin.MANUFACTURER: the links on this page into your preferred search engine.

Dope dye process used on the lining of this model

Dyeing textiles uses lots of water, chemical products and energy. However, we enjoy wearing colour. To reduce this impact, we use the “Dope Dyed” technique where powder colour pigments are added when the yarn is produced (and not by soaking it in dye baths as is usually the case). This reduces consumption and the discharge of waste water from colouring our fabrics.

Routes suited to this boot

This boot is designed for trekking on generally low altitude routes and/or on trails. It can occasionally be used on more technical sections: passages over rocks, firm snow, slopes.

Contact® technology for our soles

The grip and traction of our soles is certified Contact®To be awarded certification, the boots must pass laboratory tests to assess the grip rate on different surfaces (smooth, rugged, dry, wet). To validate these tests, we assess the quality of our soles in the field, in the mountains, by a panel of representative testers over more than 500 km.The notching also gives you grip adapted to muddy or wet terrain.

Advantages and drawbacks of this leather model

Advantages:- supple leather- durable and waterproof, the leather prevents water running across the boot by repelling and absorbing it- breathable leather (natural pores of leather skin), but less so than a synthetic boot in strong heat. To reduce this problem, nubuck leather is used for greater breathability, but it is also more sensitive to the rainDrawbacks:- it needs to be nourished, hydrated and treated to remain waterproof.

This boot’s waterproof level

This boot has been tested and validated for 10,000 flexes repeatable, equivalent to a 15 km walk, in water reaching the mid-upper. This now guarantees a good level of boot waterproofing.--> Our assessment indicates a LEVEL OF 3/5 giving 6 hours of waterproofing when hiking in the rain.The details of tests carried out to assess the waterproofing of our boots is below.

Make this boot’s waterproofing last longer

A waterproof grease is recommended to nourish leather to stop it drying out (cracking), to make it waterproof and protect against stains1/ Trekking boot maintenance brush: Grease for re-waterproofing leather boots:

Increase your boot’s waterproofing with a gaiter

The waterproofing of boots is often compromised because water gets in at the collar of the boot. --> To keep your feet dry for longer, it is advisable to use a waterproof gaiter or mini-gaiter that will prevent water as well as pebbles and sand from getting inside through the top of the boot.Model perfectly suited to this trekking gaiter MT500 black

Maintain your boots by following 6 steps

1/ Take out the laces to avoid getting grease on them2/ Brush when dry to remove dust and all the particles stuck to the leather. This is essential so any dirt doesn’t get stuck under a new layer of grease3/ Grease the leather with a brush, rub it deep into all the seams and gaps.4/ Wipe off the excess grease with a soft cloth5/ Rub gently to make them shine6/ Replace the laces

Waterproofing my leather boots with a reactivating spray

1/ Use a brush and/or sponge to clean the boots and remove residual earth or mud.2/ Next, leave to air-dry, well away from a heat source.3/ Finish by applying a water protection booster spray to maintain optimal water-repellent properties of the upper and to prolong the life span of the boot.Link below for the applicator, also available online :

Choosing your size is an important point.

For hiking, do not hesitate to buy one size larger than the usual size to guarantee excellent comfort on the descent and to avoid toes rubbing at the tip of the shoe. Tip: keep your toenails short and, before descending, check that your lacing prevents your foot from sliding forwards inside the boot.

5 levels of waterproofing

During the waterproofness test, we test 5 levels of waterproofness:- 2,000 flexes (approximately 4 km, 30 minutes of walking)- 10,000 flexes (approximately 10 km, 3 hours of walking)- 30,000 flexes (approximately 15 km, 6 hours of walking)- 50,000 flexes (approximately 20 km, 8 hours of walking)- 100,000 flexes (approximately >20 km, 24 hours of walking)

Waterproofing test carried out on this model

Our boots are laboratory tested by 2 consecutive testsTest 1: We test the effectiveness of the membrane alone immersed in water under air pressure. We simply check for any bubbles on the surface like a pierced air chamberTest 2: Thanks to a mechanical arm that simulates walking, the entire boots are half immersed in water and they complete thousands of flexes to check that the inside of the boot remains dry and it is therefore waterproof

Try your boots out step by step

How to choose your boots: 1. Try on both shoes, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. 2. Tighten the laces correctly.3. Check the following two areas of comfort: the base of the heel and the front part of the foot going down. 4. Stand up to walk with the boots on.5. Try on several sizes and several models.6. Gradually start using you shoes during your first few hiking trips to break them in.

Main complementary laboratory tests

Laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements: - tearing of the eyelets and straps- bonding of the sole- toxicology- UV-resistance- abrasion of the sole and components of the upper- accelerated ageing

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